Auto parts sector in Puebla will maintain restraint in investments: Canacintra

Puebla, Pue. Although the American company Link EV Electric Vehicles announced that this year it will install an electric vehicle plant in the area of Model City in San Jose Chiapawhere the assembly plant operates Audithe auto parts sector will remain measured in new investments until the first quarter, to see how the country’s economy is regarding the behavior of the covid-19 pandemic and, with it, being able to think of new projects.

The above commented Luis Espinosa Ruedalocal president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), stating that the autoparteras need to be certain that the plants volkswagen Y Audiinstalled in Puebla, resolved their component shortage problems and that both assemblers are operating at 100 percent.

He commented that in the case of the new electric car factory that will be installed in San José Chiapa, they will have to wait for the construction to start and in that process the suppliers can approach to see how they would collaborate if there is interest from the manufacturers. Americans.

However, he said that the local sector has the ability to participate with suppliers in any new project and that this can generate more jobs.

He asserted that an approach can be made through the sector cluster, but they have to wait until the end of the year, when they estimate that Link EV Electric Vehicles will start operations.

He recalled that in 2021 there were constant technical stoppages of volkswagen Y Audialso influenced by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic that in other countries has limited productive activities, including the automotive sector.

supply chain

The leader mentioned that this scenario cannot be lost sight of in the supply chain to make an investment decision, since money is at stake that must be applied “with precision shots”.

In this context, he reiterated, the ideal for its 95 partners —who generate more than 16,000 jobs— is to keep pace with the production rate of the two German plants, as well as that of their other assembler clients that operate in other parts of the world. country.

While in the case of the new assembler, they do not know what components they require, the quantity and what can be produced in Puebla, which would imply making additional investments.

The leader of the Canacintra He announced that if they manage to allocate capital, it will only be directed to the complementation of production with supplies that the two German assemblers require for their models that are assembled exclusively in the territory of Puebla.

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