First steps of the head of the Pentagon in NATO

NATO ministers met virtually to discuss issues related to the organization’s funding, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Iraqi dossier. The allies had the opportunity to meet the new Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin. “Spend moreThis is the not-so-new message from the new US Secretary of Defense. In a virtual meeting with his NATO allies, the […]

“Give him more money, don’t be coda.” They criticize Jenni Rivera’s mother for filming herself giving money to the needy (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Mezcalent. Mrs. Rosa appears giving money to the most needy in the streets of Mexico Followers begin to criticize her for being “presumptuous” Users affirm that these actions should not be recorded “You don’t do it with your heart, but to show off.” They criticize Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa, for filming herself while […]

Google brings parking and transit payments to Maps

Google Maps will soon allow users to pay for parking and transit. The search giant posted a blog post describing the new functions. Parking payment will be implemented from February 17 in the Android application. It’s available in over 400 US cities, including Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC. Google says […]

“Islamo-leftism”: a term without “any scientific reality” according to the CNRS, Frédérique Vidal under pressure

The pressure mounted a notch, Wednesday February 17, on the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, up to the majority, for having carried out an investigation into “Islamo-leftism” at university, when the executive is already struggling to lessen the stigma of the crisis among students. The timing has choked more than one. After […]

Toxic dad? Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s brother gets jealous and tries to ‘separate’ his eldest daughter from her boyfriend (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Mezcalent. Juan Rivera tries to separate his daughter from her boyfriend “It comes between the two” so that they are not together They call Juan Rivera jealous dad “Jealous dad.” Juan Rivera, brother of the late Jenni Rivera, appears on the video quite jealous because his daughter already has a boyfriend, to such an […]

Donald Trump executions irregularities lethal injections

They suspect that in the last 13 executions under Donald Trump’s administration with lethal injections, there would be irregularities The executioners declared that they were calm and painless executions However, the other party indicates that they saw how the bodies of the accused shook According to official court reports, there are suspicions that in the […]

What everyone wanted to see. Thin, slim, and younger, Adamari appears in little dresses that cause a sensation in ‘Hoy Día’ (Photos)

Adamari López and her wardrobe in ‘Un Nuevo Día’ always attracted bad reviews With the start of the new show ‘Hoy Día’, did you hear people’s criticism? The Puerto Rican has appeared with costumes that highlight her body and highlight her figure Mijitos thank you for reading me, the time has come to put down […]