Paris Agreement: EU welcomes the US with open arms

The American return to the Paris Climate Agreement is viewed favorably by the European Union, which hopes to take advantage of the acceleration of trade in technological sectors, essential to achieve the objectives set by the administration. Biden. The United States officially joins the Paris Agreement this Friday, signed in 2015 during the presidency of […]

In Brazil, the non-carnival ends in resignation

In Brazil, the carnival did take place… but in miniature! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the only parade authorized this year was indeed that of the “model carnival”. Launched in 2013, this year the event brought together no less than 32 “samba schools” from across the country, each parading in slow motion hundreds of small […]

Cyprus: idle liners waiting to go back to sea

Just a stone’s throw from the Cypriot coast, a strange spectacle has been playing out for almost nine months. Cruise ships, which usually ply the seas of the world, have dropped anchor off the village of Moni in the south of the island. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an abrupt halt to cruise ship activity […]

75% of tattoo inks contain “carcinogenic, neurotoxic or highly allergenic products”, warns the UFC-What to choose

A tattoo on the skin can mean a cocktail of toxic molecules in the body. Thursday February 18, the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir has sounded the alarm, denouncing the “Presence of carcinogenic, neurotoxic or highly allergenic products” in three quarters of the inks most used by French tattoo artists. The association announces that it has […]

Wife blows cliff selfie before crime pregnant

Man throws pregnant wife off cliff after taking selfie After death, subject tried to collect an insurance policy that he had contracted for her Authorities suspect he pushed her to get the money, but her arrest was ordered A fact has caused outrage among the world population after it was known that a man throws […]