Infektion 2.0, the Russian-inspired Chinese operation supposed to make people forget the origin of the Covid-19

Press conference in parallel with the joint study between the World Health Organization and China in a hotel in Wuhan, Hubei province (China), February 9, 2021. ALY SONG / REUTERS The Covid-19, a formidable propaganda accelerator. For Beijing, the global health fight initiated since 2020 is an opportunity to perfect disinformation tools directly inspired by […]

“Perfect moments”: modern family

Two episodes is too often too little to get an idea of ​​a TV series. Especially when it has twenty-four. Even if The perfect moments bears the signature of novelist Marc Robitaille (A summer without a point or a sure hit), which charmed moviegoers over twenty years ago thanks to François Bouvier’s film Winter stories, […]

Culture in the forgotten Montérégie

Since the start of the federal election campaign, very little has been said about culture, other than that we must support its relaunch. All parties recognize that this sector has been severely affected by the pandemic, and will continue to be so because of the constraints related to the vaccine passport and the difficulties in […]

The business of all Quebecers

All Quebecers are affected by the 3e link. Our taxes in Quebec and Ottawa will bear the costs. Very approximate costs of 10 billion which will very likely swell, as is almost always the case in this kind of project. Unfortunately, the opportunism of the mayor of Lévis and a few neighboring elected officials joined […]

Afghanistan: an international and local failure

Afghanistan is added to the list of countries where military intervention led by Western powers has generated a new cycle of violence and social instability, which has had the effect of blocking the political transitions supposed to organize these different country in the form of a rule of law. If the use of force led […]

UMQ president fears low turnout in municipal elections

The rate of participation in the next municipal elections could suffer from the pandemic and the holding before the federal elections, apprehends the president of the Union of municipalities of Quebec (UMQ), Daniel Côté. He also urges senior levels of government to give more money to municipalities to tackle head-on the “shortage” of labor and […]

The great Josephine

The news came out at the end of August, between the swim and the lounge chair, the sunsets and the barbecue. ” I have two loves … My country and Paris. »The one who immortalized these few words will soon enter the Pantheon, alongside Voltaire, Rousseau, Jean Moulin and a few others. Icon of French […]

Pop class bubbles, a risky choice

Designer-writer and committed citizen, the author is president of the governing board of an elementary school. She also taught literature at college and collaborates with the journal Quebec letters. The abandonment of bubble classes at school risks aggravating the epidemiological situation. Besides, why were they put aside, especially in elementary school? So that young people […]

For the rich, the trees?

The humidx was no longer sticking to my skin on Monday when I arrived at Jarry Park, where I had an appointment at the end of the afternoon. But as you walked along the concrete avenue bordering the IGA stadium, the sun was still setting. The crossing to reach the western portion of the park […]

A two-speed re-entry

This summer, I wondered what I’m going to do when I grow up. I have never been a cloud landscape painter, a gravestone photographer, or a breeder of human puppies. You will see videos of ” puppy play “; it’s a hobby – how to put it? – distracting, a headache unlike any other. I […]

Nature wines on the rise

Organic, natural and biodynamic wines are popular with consumers. But knowing that the latter exist and are gaining in popularity de facto condemns what the “rearguard” had to offer, these so-called “classic” or “conventional” wines that must be relegated to the oblivion on the pretext that it’s-no-longer-the-taste-of-true-wine-today? The duty went to meet some industry players […]

Chenin Blanc 2020, South Africa

So much delicacy summed up here, whether on the aromatic level or on this famous “mouth drop” which seems to carry the most exquisite fruitiness of apple and honey in weightlessness. A “not so dry” Chenin so subtle that it caresses perfectly, due to a happy texture enriched by its fine lees. (5) Explanation of […]

Bourgogne VV 2019, France

Managing to ensure a good glass of Burgundy under the $ 25 mark is in itself a feat today. Would a few milliliters of fine gamays in the blend lead to a drop in price? Question of perspective. In any case, this delicious, clean and very pinot cuvée is already rising to the challenge. Serve […]

Chardonnay 2020, France

This natural white, without added sulphites, is perfectly mastered. A chardonnay that hangs in the mouth like a castaway too happy to have found a lifeline to match his aspirations. All of Southern Burgundy revealed with this ample and generous fruitiness, lively and highly tasty. (5) © Explanation of dimensions The White ★★★ Chardonnay 2020, […]

Pink Pégau 2020, France

At the time of writing, 33 branches were lucky enough to have this rosé in reserve. Hurry! Because for those who know the house, it is more than announced pleasure, it is a commitment, that of delivering the best cinsaults, in their integrity, but also in the liveliness of their flavor carriers. A spicy meal […]

Les Laquets 2018, France

Obviously, this cuvée is still in its infancy and in its infancy. Beyond – let’s say in 8, 10 or 12 years – the rich, ripe, plentiful, enveloped and tasty tannins of today will undoubtedly line a palate which has become velvety. For the moment, a great red ennobled by its princely breeding. (10+) © […]

Verdejo 2020, Spain

This dry white resulting from organic farming made from verdejo already multiplies the joys of “glou-glou” wine tenfold thanks to a very light pearl that livens up and salinizes the entry in the mouth. It’s light, lemony, bright, full of vitality. Why go without it, especially served widely with fried calamari? (5) Explanation of dimensions […]

“The best country in the world”: what if?

In 2021, Canada was voted the best country in the world. In any case, it is the ranking from American magazine U.S. News & WorldReport and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Better quality of life, progressive, professional opportunities … But this is not the Canada that Ky Nam Le Duc portrays in The best […]

“Omno”: all gentle luminous pilgrimage

It is sometimes hard to notice it, but it is possible to find a little beauty in everything. From lush forests to arid deserts to cold tundra, solo developer Jonas Manke invites us with his 3D platform game Everybody to recognize this beauty, this energy, which emanates from the life around us. Not once do […]

Donda, Kanye West

There is, somewhere in these 27 songs in 108 minutes, sparks reminiscent of how Kanye West was an agent of progress for the hip-hop scene between 2005 and 2013: the beefy Off the Grid (with Playboi Carti and Fivio Foreign), one of West’s best vocal performances. The chorus sung by The Weeknd on Hurricane, the […]