Australian submarines: for Boris Johnson, London has an “ineradicable” love for Paris

“Aukus”, named after the sealed partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, on the supply of nuclear-powered submarines, continues to make waves. Faced with the fury of France, which sees a contract at 56 billion euros wiped out with a penknife, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, underlined Sunday, September 19, in front of journalists, the“Immense importance” of the relationship between the United Kingdom and France. North Korea, for its part, was worried about the nuclear arms race that this new partnership could give rise to in the Pacific.

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  • “Our love for France is ineradicable,” says Boris Johnson

The United Kingdom and France have “A very friendly relationship” Boris Johnson told reporters on the plane that took him to New York, according to the British agency Press Association. “Our love for France is ineradicable”, he assured during his trip to the United States, where he is to attend the UN General Assembly and meet Joe Biden at the White House.

Boris Johnson, before his departure for New York, Sunday, September 19, 2021.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom announced on Wednesday a strategic partnership to counter China, Aukus, including the supply of American submarines to Canberra. “This partnership is by no means intended to be a zero sum, it is not intended to be excluding, said Boris Johnson. It’s not something anyone has to worry about and especially not our French friends. “

Following Australia’s decision to cancel the contract to purchase French conventionally powered submarines, President Emmanuel Macron recalled the French ambassadors in Canberra and Washington, but not the French ambassador in London. On the other hand, a meeting scheduled this week between the French Minister of the Armies Florence Parly and her British counterpart Ben Wallace was canceled at the request of Paris, according to a source at the Ministry of Defense in France.

Emmanuel Macron must talk “In the next few days” with his American counterpart Joe Biden, according to government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

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  • Pyongyang worries about possible “nuclear arms race”

The recent US contract for submarines with Australia could trigger a “Nuclear arms race” in the region, ruled on Monday, North Korea.

“These are extremely undesirable and dangerous acts which will disturb the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region”, reported the North Korean state news agency KCNA, quoting an official from the North Korean foreign ministry. “This shows that the United States is the main culprit that endangers the international system on nuclear non-proliferation”, we added.

On Wednesday, the launch of two North Korean ballistic missiles towards the sea was followed by that of a ballistic missile from a submarine by South Korea, thus becoming the seventh country in the world to have this advanced technology.

Washington, ally of Seoul, immediately ” sentenced “ the Pyongyang shots, carried out “In violation of several UN Security Council resolutions” and who represent “A threat to the neighbors”.

North Korea is subject to multiple international sanctions for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Nuclear talks with Washington have been suspended since the failure of the Hanoi summit in February 2019 between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and then US President Donald Trump.

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