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The new alliance will supply nuclear powered submarines to the Australian fleet.

The United States, United Kingdom and Australia announced on Wednesday a special security pact to share advanced defense technology, including that needed to manufacture nuclear-powered submarines for the Australian fleet.

The new alliance, dubbed Aukus (from the acronym in English for Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States), will seek to “defend shared interests in the Indo-Pacific,” said the leaders of the three countries in a joint statement.

In addition to defense technology, they will also share industrial centers and supply chains.

Joe Biden appeared from Washington, flanked by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Scott Morrison, who connected by videoconference, shortly after a US official described the pact as “historic.”

According to Australian media, the new pact could involve the end of an Australian agreement with France to manufacture submarines of French design.

France won an AU $ 50 billion contract to build 12 submarines for the Australian Navy in 2016. It was the largest defense contract in Australian history.

But the deal has run into many hurdles, mostly because Canberra required many of the components to be locally produced.

“We are committed to a shared ambition to support Australia in acquiring nuclear powered submarines,” the three leaders said in the statement.

Biden presented the new alliance with British and Australian leaders connected by videoconference.

Achieving that goal would “promote stability in the Indo-Pacific” and the submarines would be deployed “in support of” the “shared values ​​and interests” of the US, Australia and the UK, the statement said.

The leaders emphasized that the goal is to “put the Australian media in service as soon as possible“And added that” Australia remains committed to meeting all its obligations as a non-nuclear weapon state. “

The leaders stressed that the submarines will be nuclear-powered, but will be equipped with nuclear weapons.


Analysis by Jonathan Beale, BBC Defense Correspondent

The British government assures us that we are facing a very significant defense agreement. An argument supported by the fact that the British, American and Australian leaders have appeared together by videoconference to announce their new pact, which further underlines the importance of the Indo-Pacific region for Washington and London.

However, this will have implications for other countries.

First, France, a NATO ally that had signed an agreement to build a fleet of diesel and electric submarines for the Australian navy. That deal it is history.

The second affected is China.

Although British officials assure that what was announced this Wednesday is not the answer to any specific country, the government does say that it is about ensuring prosperity, security and stability in the region and supporting a peaceful order “based on the rules”.

AND nor is it no secret that the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States share the for the strengthening of China’s military means in the Indo-Pacific region.


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