Audiobooks: Voices that are appreciated, by Imma Sust

I’m not a big fan of audiobooks unless they are read by the author himself. Of course, not all authors have the talent or the voice to do it, but if the book is written in the first person and talks about a real experience, the audiobook becomes a wonderful four hour podcast. This Saturday, I have spent the afternoon listening to Angel Martin and their voices. Those who have not heard or read, are late. ‘In case the voices come back’ is the story of a famous television scriptwriter who explains, without cutting a hair, how he completely broke down when he suffered a psychotic break. There is a moment in the book when the author invites you to talk to your past self. An exercise that consists of closing your eyes, traveling to the past and telling that being that he is suffering, something that can reassure him. I found my little self very quickly. In a school full of mean people who treated him badly. There she was, sad and very lonely. I managed to make her laugh and told her that the sense of humor It would be what would save her in the future. I did not want to specify, I thought it would be best to generalize. I opened my eyes and before continuing with the audiobook I thanked Ángel Martin. If I can travel to the past and talk to myself, I can also talk to him right? So I did it. I thanked him for that book. For bringing a mental illness out of the closet like yours and for doing it in a positive and humorous way.

Then I talked to my sister Martha Buchaca. I called her on the phone, I’m not going to lie to you. And I thanked her also for her new book ‘Sis mesos d’hivern’, where she speaks honestly and very clearly, about the anxiety and trauma of a marital separation with two young children. And although I don’t have children, I can perfectly empathize with that pit into which we have all fallen at some point. And while I tell him, I think of himor necessary that it is to recognize oneself in fictional characters. It reassures us to think that we are not so different or so rare. neither is it Javier Giner, author of the book ‘I addicted’. Books that are written from the depths of his guts and that go straight to our hearts. Thank you all for giving mental health a voice.

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