Aubameyang, vitamin G for Barça

  • When he scored his last goal, he was still the captain of Arsenal, Koeman was on the Barça bench and Alves, Xavi, Ferran Torres and Adama did not live in Barcelona. The ‘expichichi’ of the Bundesliga and the Premier opens with a triplet, which places him in one day just one goal from Luuk de Jong, Barça’s second scorer in the League.

Four months ago aubameyang did not score a goal. When he achieved the last he had not yet been stripped of the Arsenal captain’s armband, ronald koeman he still occupied the Barça bench, Xavi I was in Qatar Alves in Brazil, Ferran Torres and Adama in the Premier and Barça in the Champions League. Neither the Gabonese striker nor anyone could imagine that he would celebrate goals with his friend Dembélé four and a half years after the Dortmund duo broke up. Signing ‘top’, as he defined him Joan Laporta in his presentation, he gave Barça the first three doses of vitamin G. In one day he became the third top scorer in the Barça League, just one behind the second, Luuk de Jong.

With the signing of the ‘expichichi’ of the Bundesliga and the Premier, Barça was looking for precisely this: a goal. In his first three meetings he had not been lucky, but this Sunday he has met again with that old acquaintance. After being about to achieve it with a pass from Ferran Torres that escaped him by a hair, the partner 143,282 Barça celebrated the first goal as a culé with a manual against. Two touches were enough, the control as precise as the definition, adjusted to the stick. He celebrated with a somersault like Hugo Sánchez.

Not even a quarter of an hour had passed before he dipped again, taking advantage of Gavi’s death pass. Three touches had been enough to take two goals to the bag.

He was the undisputed protagonist of the match: he received a stomp in the area that would have ended in a penalty if his previous offside had not been. He sinned generously in another against, trying to assist a Ferran Torres in need of vitamin G that contributed the hero of the day to whom the referee ended up conceding the triplet after the kick from Pedri graze him on the back. “It is difficult to say whose goal it is, the shot is from Pedri but without the help of Aubameyang the goalkeeper would have been able to stop it,” said Busquets, who praised the striker. “Hopefully he can help us in this way. Having him in our squad having arrived free is a luxury,” said the captain, who pointed out that the efficiency in the shot (four goals in six shots on goal) had given them the necessary peace of mind.

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Mestalla is good at ‘Auba’, who in 2019 had signed a treble with Arsenal. “The last time here it was a ‘hat-trick’, today a double. This stadium is a little like my home,” he explained between laughs before knowing that the minutes gave him the third. The ‘killer’ has recovered the smile that he had lost in recent months, after Arteta took the ‘gunner’ bracelet from him and separated him due to his indiscipline and missing the African Cup with Gabon due to heart problems. Xavi showered him with praise. “He has scored goals throughout his career, it was to be expected that the goal would come. He is mature, intelligent, very humble… I am delighted with him. These goals will do him good for his confidence.” The Barcelona coach, who stressed that efficiency in the shot makes the difference, also surrendered to Pedri “He’s spectacular, there’s no talent in the world like Pedri. We have to pamper him. He has to make a difference. He’s superlative”.

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