Attacks on the LGTBI collective increased by 50% in 2021 in Catalonia

  • Barcelona is the province that recorded the most attacks, representing 44.7% of the total number of incidents in the territory

During the past 2021 a total of 284 incidents against the LGTBI collective in Catalonia, what a 50.3% increase compared to 2020. This increase converts 2021 in the year in which the most attacks have been registered since the reports on the state of LTBI-phobia in Catalonia were prepared. The annual report of the Observatori contra l’Homofòbia (OCH), presented this Monday, has analyzed the different types of incidents (such as verbal or physical attacks or hate crimes) that occur in the Catalan territory, as well as the provinces where more discrimination occurs and the most affected groups. Thus, those who have suffered the most attacks are the gay men, where a registered 70.3% of all incidents. However, the study authors stress, there may be more invisible cases that have not reached the OCH, such as some cases of transphobia, which have not been counted. The age bracket that more incidences recorded is from 26 to 35 yearsbeing the mean of age 33.4 years of people from the LGTBI group who register more cases of discrimination. By territorial areas, where more aggressions have been recorded has been in the province of Barcelonaa, where the incidences represent a 44.7% of the territory, followed by Tarragona (20.8%), Girona (17.6%) and Lleida (16.9%).

Eugeni Rodriguezpresident of the OCH, points out that the increase in registered cases is directly related to the increase in LGBTI visibility and highlights the importance of coordination with other bodies, such as the Mossos d’Esquadra, in order to address the maximum number of situations of discrimination suffered by the group.

July, the month in which the highest incidences are recorded

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The month of July 2021 was the period in which the most incidents were recorded. According to Christian Carrera, coordinator of the OCH, this trend corresponds to the fact that June is the month of visibility and this gives rise to more attacks in the following days to the Pride festival. “In 2021 the worst month was July, registering more than 30 incidents, which means that they were on average more than one a day. September and November followed closely, being the three months in which the most aggressions were registered during the year” Carrer explained. He also points out that the type of discrimination most common that the group suffers is, first of all, the Verbal aggression followed by hate crimes and exaltation.

structural violence

LGTBI phobia is a type of structural violence derived from the heteropatriarchal society in which we live. So it has been determined Susana Segovia, president of the Commission for Equality of the Parliament of Catalonia. “The LGTBI phobia is something structural and in order to put an end to it we need work on respect for sexual diversity and gender identity in schools from an early age”, he commented. Segovia, in addition, has highlighted the importance of the visibility of the group, a factor that has empowered LGTBI people and start denouncing situations of harassment or violence they suffer. “People are empowering themselves and are beginning to denounce and give visibility to the situations of violence they suffer. More and more is being reported and this is positive,” she added. From the Comissió d’igualtat del Parlament they recognize that the institutions are one step behind in the protection of the people of the group and since February they have begun to work together with the entities of the sector to thoroughly review the already existing laws and begin to work in the root of the problem.

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