Attacks of November 13: the police of the night BAC in Paris, “forgotten” heroes of the Bataclan assault

Thursday, September 9, learning that justice welcomed their constitutions of civil parties, they felt “Recognized” for the first time in almost six years. Three men, members of the BAC75N, the “night ferry” from Paris, who were desperate to finally see the role of their unit admitted on the evening of November 13, 2015.

That night, their leader preceded them. The divisional commissioner C., deputy to the boss of the “75N”, and his subordinate, driver that evening, were the first to enter the Bataclan enclosure, gun in hand. An almost insane act of bravery: two police officers armed with simple pistols against three terrorists equipped with Kalashnikovs, with explosive belts, who did not hesitate to shoot in the crowd, to finish off the wounded.

Story: The historic trial of a night of terror opens in Paris

It is 9:56 p.m., the Islamist commando began its sinister task for nine minutes and eighteen seconds. At 9:59 p.m., “TI 52 Alpha”, the call sign of the commissioner, announced on the radio: “A terrorist shot down on the Bataclan! ” This is Samy Amimour, who had time to set off the bomb he was carrying. The intervention of the commissioner, decisive, made it possible to “fix” the terrorists. The rest was told in as many reports as in books and press articles: the BRI (research and intervention brigade), supported by the RAID and elements of the intervention brigade of the Prefecture of Police, neutralizes the attackers at 12:19 a.m., after advancing to the first floor, where the hostage-takers took refuge with their human shields. But, between the death of Samy Amimour and that of his accomplices, an episode is missing from the story. That of the intervention of the men of the BAC75N, of which the commissioner C. asked for the support by radio. As erased from the chronology of events, it is nevertheless crucial.

Prevent any further assault

When they hear the commissioner’s call on the air, at their HQ at the Bessières base, in the 17e district, BAC officials are in a hurry. They immediately grab some protective equipment and rush to the ground towards the corner of Boulevard Voltaire and Rue Oberkampf, near the Bataclan. According to an internal document that The world was able to consult, they are then prohibited by the hierarchy from entering the performance hall “Despite the request of the divisional commissioner C.” Then, “After a certain delay”, are finally allowed to approach. Precursor elements of the BRI accompanied them, the bulk of the unit still on the way. The “night people” of the BAC have no other choice but to share an insufficient and disparate number of intervention equipment. For four of them: three heavy bulletproof vests, two ballistic helmets and a Beretta 12SD submachine gun, a reliable but unsuitable and outdated weapon, which will be replaced by a more powerful assault rifle following the attacks.

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