Attack against UNAM

In the collective imagination, we have been orphaned of examples worthy of being emulated by their historical success.

The morning conference has become a highly distinctive element of the personal style of governing of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). In a recent edition of those tiresome and very damaging conferences for Mexico, López Obrador came out with an immense surprise and launched it against the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Specifically, the accusation that he bestowed on that one, his academic Alma Mater, was that he had (sic.) “Right-handed”.

The attack has manifestations of political betrayal and also a shot in the foot or a boomerang that was returned to the president directly to the head. The political betrayal is evident, because in an overwhelming majority, the university faculty made up of students and teachers has been very sympathetic to the movement championed by the Morena party. And as for the shot in the foot, AMLO himself is a very representative product of what is cultivated and preached at the UNAM Faculty from which he graduated. In a very evident way, that Faculty has not turned to the right like many other branches of that university. And also in a very flagrant way, that Faculty tends not to generate graduates, but only indoctrinated ones. What right-wing?

In the order of economic reflection, the remarkable thing is that the aforementioned Faculty from which Andrés Manuel López Obrador came out, supports and promotes a country model that has already failed miserably in historical reality: the model of a state-owned economy and authoritarian government . In this sense, at a key moment in historical development, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union dismembered. But in the aforementioned Faculty, apparently they did not take for granted. And in the same context, the majority of the aforementioned university faculty continue to promote the experiments of the communist regime in Castro’s Cuba (although Fidel has already died) and the supposed “21st century socialism” that Hugo Chávez conceived for the republic. Bolivarian in Venezuela (although Chávez has also passed away). And all that push, despite the famous failures of both so-called revolutionary regimes.

The aforementioned campaign has been tremendously damaging for Mexico. In the collective imagination, we have been orphaned of examples worthy of being emulated by their historical success. Why not propagate and try to emulate Germany, Japan or South Korea?

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Bruno Donatello


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