The maximum directive of AT&T in Mexico has gone to Gobierno to give limits to his rival America Mobile it maintains new markets in telecommunications to guarantee a fair competition in Latin American countries, reports the Reform Reform diary.

The ad of Mónica Aspeexecutive director of AT&T in Mexicowere produced after the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) did not grant a license to operate pay-TV in America Movil, in the midst of the queues of its rivals from which the media is increasing its dominance in the country.

Aspe affirms that Mexican regulators need to maintain a game-changing ground to preserve companies like AT&T in Mexico.

“Our dees can be created in the country in the near future. Without embargo, as the future of any global company, perpetuation in a particular market is analyzed periodically”, Aspe said in the interview with the Reforma diary, which reads of AT&T integrates with Reuters.

America Mobile dominates the mexican market of telecommunications, holds in its hands the 70% of mobile internet services and more than 62% of mobile mobile services, according to IFT data.

Controlled by the family of the Mexican magnate Carlos Slimthe company prohibited the entry into the pay-TV market in its countries since the 1990s.

“We do not claim privileges. We claim that the execution of the respondent (America Movil) in the legal and regulatory mark is verified and also”, said Aspe. “If so, we will continue to compete and compete in Mexico,” he added.

United States of America also plants the Latin American nation’s authorities in matters of competence respecting the America Mobile before the regulators meet to decide whether to allow the company to enter the pay-TV market.

“(The entry of America Mobile) in the pay-TV market may have a cruel effect in the mobile phone market. It is preoccupying for the consumer”, argued Aspe.

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