Atlético plays the quarterfinals against an anxious Cristiano

to their 37 years continues to be an example of efficiency. He has never been a technical prodigy compared to other greats in history, but their numbers are unquestionable. Saturday became all time top scorer overtaking Joseph Bican with a decisive hat-trick against Tottenham (3-2) and extended his account to 807 points. This Tuesday, Atlético del Cholo Simeone awaits him. After 1-1 in the first leg, everything is up in the air. who wins in Old Trafford will go to the quarters.

The Portuguese star did not have a particularly glorious season, who was even accused of get out of the derby against Manchester City. But his voracity was unleashed again. In the same week that Messi, Mbappe and Neymar they went to the street in the Champions League, the former Madridista emerged in the Premier and now he aspires to prolong his ecstasy.

Duel with Joao Felix

Your compatriot awaits you in front joao felix that, finally, has the confidence of his technician. Griezmann points as a companion in the attack, with the savior Correa and Luis Suarez of revulsive. Behind, Philip would take the position of Gimenez if the Uruguayan finally does not arrive at the appointment.

“Our hobby can be the player number 12 and make a difference. We have a great opportunity to make history and place ourselves among the best in Europe,” he said on Monday. Ralf Rannick, the coach of the English club, who did not want to focus attention on Cristiano. “It’s not just about him. It’s about the whole team. It will be key to score first.” United, which also recovers Bruno Fernandes after overcoming the covidis fifth in the Premier.

Simeone’s breath

The irregularity It has marked the trajectory of both teams in this course with an overall performance lower than what could be expected from their squads. Defensive fragility has weighed them down and now they are fighting hard to meet minimum standards. “It’s being a complex season, but we have alternatives and I have no doubt that we will look for them. You have to play with one. intense pressure. I anticipate a meeting dynamic in a fantastic stadium”, reflected Simeone.

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The rojiblanco team, which has gone five games without falling, is confident of repeating its successes in Milan (1-2) and Porto (1-3). The great threat will be Cristiano, who already endorsed him with a triple in the duel against the Juventus three years ago. The Portuguese has scored 25 goals against Atlético in his entire career, his second favorite victim after the Seville (27).

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