Athletic knocks Atlético down and there will be no derby in the final

The Basques came from behind with two goals in four minutes from two corners by Yeray and Nico Williams. Atlético was calamitous in defense.

There will be no derby in the final of the Super Cup from Spain because the Athletic It has a dire defense and a coach who insists on defending rents with a paper defense. The Athletic He only needed to put in a good half hour to come back from the game and seal his pass to a final in which he will find a very tired Madrid. And the Lions come strong…


First part of more fear than football in the second semifinal. The two teams took shelter behind so as not to make any mistakes and let their opponents get ahead. A couple of occasions Williams Y Joao Felix, added to two requests for penalties to Lemar Y Sancet They were the highlights in the first round. A lot of long ball, intense defenses and adjustments by the technicians who were clear that the draw was worth it. Muniain Y Sancet capitalized on the game of the Lions, being Joao Y Lemar the most ambitious on the rojiblanco side. The zero to zero at the break was a fair punishment for both, who did not merit to move the scoreboard.

The second part started with a couple of changes in the mattresses due to discomfort, leaving Lodi Y From Paul for Llorente Y Kondogbia. And Atlético thanked him, to whom the Argentine gave some spark. those of Simeone they found a goal as insipid as the match. A corner that finished off smoothly joao felix at the far post and incomprehensibly the ball ended up entering the goal of Unai Simon, after touching the stick and hitting the back of the Basque goalkeeper.

answered the Athletic with a shot of Inigo Martinez who miraculously saved cloud. The game had come alive with almost half an hour to play. Marcelino took out Nico Williams Y Raul Garcia to cheer up the party. And that forced the athletic goalkeeper to work hard, given the indolence of his defense. A trend that has become a vice in the red and white ranks.

Comeback in two corners

And the work was rewarded. corner kick Muniain to the first post and Yeray he nailed a header into the net. Deserved for the merits of the Basques, but above all for the passivity of an Atlético that gets behind to defend its advantages with a paper defense. Especially above. As was evident again four minutes later when Nico Williams he scored the second from another corner.

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A pitiful image of Atlético, both for the proposal of a Simeone who continues to lose points and games for getting behind and defending his advantages, as well as for the disastrous defense he has. The Basques took an hour to get to the game, but they had more than enough because Oblak avoided a larger score. There will be no Madrid derby in the Super Cup final.


Athletic: Oblak (8), Vrsaljko (4), Giménez (3), Hermoso (3), Kondogbia (5), Llorente (5), Koke (4), Lemar (4), Carrasco (3), João Félix (6) , Strap (4). Coach: Simeone (3). Substitutions: Lodi (4) for Llorente (m.46), De Paul (4) for Kondogbia (m.50), Luis Suárez (3) for Correa (m.70), Herrera (sc) for Koke (m.85 ), Cunha (sc) by Lemar (m.85)

Athletic: Simón (6), De Marcos (6), Yeray (7), Martínez (6), Balenziaga (4), Dani García (5), Zárraga (6), Berenguer (5), Muniain (7), Sancet (7 ), Iñaki Williams (5). Technician: Marcelino (7). Changes: Nico (8) for Berenguer (m.69), Vesga (6) for Zarraga, (m.69), Raúl García (6) for Sancet (m.69)

Goals: 1-0, Joao Félix (m.61); 1-1, Yeray (m.77). 1-2, Nico Williams (m.81)

Referee: Fernandez stable (6). Red to Giménez (m.91). Yellow card to Iñigo Martinez, Vesga, Vrsaljko,

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