At the age of 12 Olaf Scholz said he would be chancellor, yesterday he fulfilled it

Berlin Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised yesterday, December 8, a “new beginning” for Germany, at the head of a center-left coalition government, which ends the 16-year era of Angela Merkel.

The conservative leader, who for only nine days, will not have broken the longevity record in power of Helmut Kohl, welcomed his successor to the chancellery and asked him to “work for the good of Germany.”

Scholz paid tribute to him for “everything he had done” for the country and promised a “new beginning.”

“I wanted to see Mrs. Merkel one last time […] She represents stability for the whole world, including Europe and Germany, “said one of the people who gathered in front of the Foreign Ministry this Wednesday, Enrique Velazco, 30.” I like her a lot because she is pragmatic. Today I am a little sad”.

The 63-year-old Social Democrat received 395 votes in favor of the 736 Bundestag deputies, who were elected in the September 26 elections.

Scholz took the oath, together with his government and before the deputies, reading article 56 of the Basic Law, in which he promises to “devote his forces to the good of the German people.”

His election as the ninth chancellor of Germany after the war did not give rise to doubts since his party, the SPD, won the legislative elections with 206 seats against 197 of the conservative Christian Democratic Union, until now in power.

Scholz is supported by the Greens (118 seats) and the FDP Liberals (92), who form the new ruling coalition.

With a reputation for sobriety, the new chancellor was smiling as he received congratulations, bouquets of flowers and posed for photos.

His 86-year-old father said his son, a kind of “know-it-all” as a child, predicted at 12 that he would become chancellor.

Pandemic, priority

A convinced feminist, Scholz will take the reins of a government composed for the first time in Germany by equal numbers of men and women.

Also for the first time since the 1950s there will be three parties in the German cabinet.

Despite electoral programs sometimes in the antipodes, the SPD, the Greens and the FDP managed to quickly agree on a program that focuses on climate protection, budgetary rigor and Europe.

Scholz will bear a “great responsibility” to fight the pandemic, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Wednesday.

“Let’s not let the pandemic divide us,” insisted the president, in a context of mobilization, especially from the extreme right, against health restrictions.

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