ASSA union leader stopped; a third of new representatives enter the Committee

After 10 years the Trade Union Association of Aviation Flight attendants (ASSA) entered a new process, which under the cover of the labor reform, exercised the free, secret and direct vote of 1,885 workers (87% of Aeromexico) that sent a clear signal to the questioned leadership that heads Ricardo del Valle.

The aviation flight attendants that belong to the companies Aeromexico, Aeromar, Click and Mexican Aviation, participated to renew a third of the union organization portfolios in “a historical process, since there was a great participation, despite the fact that there is still no change of general secretary, but they are interested in promoting true union democracy and transparency “, said Wendy Perea Velázquez, member of the ASSA.

After exposing the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador As part of the irregularities that occur within the ASSA, the flight attendants found a rapprochement with the labor authorities to guarantee that this process, which concluded on November 11, will have a broad participation of flight attendants “who are already tired of the practice of repression and that Secretary General Ricardo del Valle intimidates the workers ”.

The portfolios that were renewed were secretary of the Interior, Conflicts, Social Security, Minutes; the president of the Finance Commission, president of the Surveillance Commission; of the Court of Honor and Justice; of the Delegation of the Aerovías de México Company, and president of the Compañía de Mexicana de Aviación, in which no candidate from Ricardo del Valle’s group was the winner.

In this regard, Del Valle commented that “it has been a great choice of democratic life that demonstrated the responsibility of each one of us, from the General Secretariat the colleagues who were elected will have all our support for the realization and performance of their functions.”

Challenges are still in process

According to Perea, there are two challenge processes that were presented, at the time, in the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board, against reelection to the General Secretary what did he carry out Ricardo del Valle, of which they requested that President López Obrador and the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare be expedited, Luisa Maria Mayor.

“In the ASSA a three-year reelection is allowed; But he (Del Valle) in a clever way, began to empower himself and reformed the statutes by show of hands, this is one of the things that are denounced before the president of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board and there are two lawsuits of irregular processes of 2016 and 2019 That is why it is important that they be given speed, because it does not comply with what the statute establishes, ”said Perea.

It should be noted that to occupy the new positions, the flight attendants who won the portfolios are already preparing a strategy that allows them to perform their representation in the best way.

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