Asked about the origins of his affair

The man who was allegedly harassed by his ex-lover and portrayed as a violent sexual predator was questioned at length today about the beginnings of his extra-marital relationship in every detail, and even the most intimate.

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The alleged victim, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, began his cross-examination today at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse.

His former lover, Ann Letellier, 56, is on trial for harassment and extortion, before 14 jurors.

The period of the offenses with which he is accused, between January 2018 and April 2019, has hardly been discussed.

Three years after their breakup on good terms, the accused would have sent letters to more than thirty people. She claimed to have been “raped, abused and sexually assaulted”. The Crown assured the jury on Monday that those allegations were without merit.

Today, the defense is rather interested in the origin of the affair between the two lovers, which would have lasted about 20 years, from 1995.


On several occasions, the man maintained that at the time, the defendant had been insistent during a congress and that he had told her that he did not wish to have a sexual relationship. They then shared the same hotel room, but with two beds. At that time, he was in a position of authority over her at a university.

“I told her that I would never join her in her bed, that it was no. […] But later, she told me: “you didn’t tell me that I couldn’t join you in your bed,” he said, describing the first sexual touching.

The defense lawyer, Alexandra Longueville, then asked him several questions to find out why he had not made any gestures to push her away. She also asked him if he had felt attacked.

“No, it was nothing rough. […] I was completely uncomfortable, I didn’t understand what had just happened. It was completely unexpected,” he said.

About a year later, a similar situation occurred. Again, he claimed that Ann Letellier had not respected his “non-consent”.

“She took me firmly by the shirt collar and we fell on the bed. […] From the moment she did that, I participated, but I did not initiate anything in either case, ”said the man who still cheated on his wife for 20 years.

No questions were asked today about the sexual abuse Letellier claimed to have experienced at the hands of the man.

♦ Cross-examination continues tomorrow, before Judge Hélène Di Salvo.

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