Ashleigh Barty says goodbye to the top 15 highest earners on the WTA

Ashley Barty she said goodbye to tennis not only as the queen of the world ranking, but as one of the highest-earning players in history. The Australian, who leaves this sport positioned as the number 1 on the planet, participated for 12 years in the maximum women’s circuit of the WTA (it debuted in 2010) and in that period achieved a cumulative profit of $23,829,071.

That figure positions her as the number 14 in the history of the WTA with the highest prize money, not so far from entering the top 10, since the tenth on the list is the Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, who achieved a profit of 25,816,890 dollars.

However, Barty was far from the first place on this list, which is occupied by the American Serena Williams with 94,518,971 dollars, the product of 27 active years and 23 Grand Slam titles (she is one away from tying Margaret Court’s world record). The top 3 income is completed by Venus Williams with 42,280,540 and Maria Sharapova with 38,777,962.

The financial recovery of Barty It went hand in hand with his sports performance, being the last three years of competition, in which he achieved his highest income: around 2.4 million dollars for winning Roland Garros 2019, 2.2 million for Wimbledon 2021 and 4.4 million for Australian Open 2022 , which were his three Grand Slam crowns in his career.

Specifically, the 2019 season was the most lucrative of its history, as it reached a total income of 11.3 million dollars for the crowns in Roland Garros, in Miami, Birmingham and the WTA Finals in China. In that year she was also a singles finalist at the Chinese Open and the Sydney International. She came close to equaling the earnings record in one year for a tennis player, who holds Serena Williams with 12.3 million dollars in 2013.

Thanks to these performances, Ashley Barty made her first appearance in Forbes’ annual ranking of ‘Highest-Paid Female Athletes’ in 2020, recapping 2019’s $13.1 million total, which included her on-court and off-court earnings through endorsements. With that amount, the Australian ranked third among the highest-earning athletes in the world, only behind Naomi Osaka (37.4 million) and Serena Williams (36 million).

Barty reappeared in said Forbes ranking in 2021 with 6.9 million dollars that put her in eighth place; Of that amount, three million came from off-court deals, reflecting how she managed to build her brand globally.

At the time of announcing the end of his career on March 22, 2022, Barty had commercial agreements with eight brands: Jaguar, Kayo, Vegemite, Head, Fila, Rado, Uber Eats and Gillette; According to specialized media estimates, his off-field income is around 20 million dollars, although he was never characterized as a media figure.

The sporting legacy of Barty It is made up of 15 singles and 12 doubles titles, in addition to six and nine runner-up finishes, respectively. Her ERA averaged 75% between both branches and wowed critics by her strength despite being 5’5″ tall.

“I really think it’s brave because, with all the expectations around it, there aren’t many people who stop at this point and put their happiness first. That is an example not only for tennis players or other athletes, but for all people”, mentioned Iga Swiatek, recent champion of Indian Wells, about the decision of Ashley Barty to retire at age 25.

“I want to pursue other dreams. There are so many things to do and dreams to pursue that don’t necessarily involve traveling the world, being away from family or away from home which is where I’ve always wanted to be,” Barty said of his untimely retirement in a video featured on his Facebook page. social networks, although he did not give details about his future or any other argument.

Barty’s retirement is reminiscent of Justine Henin’s in 2008, when she said goodbye holding the number 1 ranking of the WTA for 61 weeks. However, the Belgian returned to play two years later. Bjorn Borg, too, became congested with the demands and retired at age 26, in 1983, returning eight seasons later. Now the uncertainty surrounds Ashleigh to see if she will one day return, remembering that between 2014 and 2016 she took a break to dedicate herself to cricket, but she returned to tennis.


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