As speculation grows about the next Bond, here’s how some actors have responded to casting rumors.

London, United Kingdom –

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the latest actor to be offered a license to kill and succeed Daniel Craig as the new James Bond.

The “Kick-Ass” star is no stranger to action movies and his 33-year-old is a good age to join the franchise, as producers likely want a 10-year commitment to the role.

Since Craig announced he would be hanging up his tuxedo after five appearances as 007 (the last being “No Time to Die” in 2021), there has been frantic speculation about which actor will take on the coveted role.

Bond producers have not commented on the Taylor-Johnson rumors.

Speculating about the next Bond is a frequent topic (sometimes even before the job is available), leading British actors to adopt various strategies and responses when the topic arises.

One of the biggest names on the scene in recent years has been Idris Elba, although producer Barbara Broccoli said in 2022 that the “Luther” star had been ruled out.

“Apparently he’s said he’s out,” he told The Associated Press. “We love Idris and he has been a wonderful friend and we love him as an actor. But I think he feels like a 10-year or 12-year or 15-year commitment might be too much for him.”

“You know, it’s a rumor that stuck with me,” Elba said in 2023. “I think I’m the most famous ‘Bond’ actor who never played the role. So what can I say? I’ll take that.”

Elba has high-profile admirers, including Matt Damon. “I think she’s brilliant. I’ll watch him in anything and he improves everything he does and he would improve that franchise.”

“Inception” and “Dunkirk” star Tom Hardy was touted as the next Bond in 2015, although he claimed to have “heard nothing” about the press speculation.

“I think answering something like that means you’re immediately out of the race. So there goes my place,” she joked.

Luke Evans, who has starred in a wide variety of films and television series from “The Hobbit” to “Beauty and the Beast” to “Nine Perfect Strangers,” felt his dream of playing Bond had slipped away.

“By the time they cast him again, I’ll be too old,” the 44-year-old actor told The Associated Press in 2022.

Richard Madden dismissed rumors about his Bond involvement at a “Rocket Man” press conference in Cannes back in 2019.

“It’s very flattering to participate in that conversation. But it’s all just words and I’m sure next week you’ll be someone different,” he laughed.

Other names linked to the role in recent years include Regé-Jean Page, who rose to fame in “Bridgerton” as the Duke of Hastings, and Theo James, who earned an Emmy nomination for his role in “The White Lotus.” , and Henry Golding. , star of “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Every time Golding appears on a red carpet wearing a tuxedo, rumors spread that he will be the next 007, but he remains tight-lipped.

“He is a cultural icon. That’s all I can say,” she smiled.

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