As golfers pass by at Senior PGA, four kids take a (lemonade) stand against gun violence

Benton Harbor — If you’re looking for the best concession deal at this week’s Senior PGA Championship, look no further than the house on 3rd fairway at The Golf Club at Harbor Shores.

There’s lemonade, Arnold Palmers, juice boxes, and popcorn, and no prices.

However, the cost is high and shocking. Four kids, the Dudleys, ages 6 (in a week!) to 10, are sending all the money they raised this week to in the wake of the latest deadly school shooting. Right next to their backyard is the Dudleys’ makeshift stand, with a sign that reads “DONATE to END GUN VIOLENCE.”

The Dudleys: From right, Jude, nearly 6;  James, 8;  Rosemary, 10;  and Lily, almost 6, show off their lemonade stand, which as of Saturday afternoon had raised nearly $600.

They had raised nearly $600 from intrigued golf fans as of Saturday afternoon. They will return to the field on Sunday for the final round of the Champions Tour’s second major of the season.

“I was talking to them about what was going on in the country, then I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we give them some money?’ I said, ‘What can we do?'” said Anne Dudley, the mother, who was working behind the scenes with cookies and popcorn, as the four older children manned the stand. “They were already planning to have a lemonade stand because some Some of the neighbors told us it would be a great weekend to have a lemonade stand. So I said, ‘Let’s give the money to help stop what happened.’ And they said that’s a good idea.

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