• A Mossos patrol has located the suspect near La Farga 36 hours after the murder

The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested the 25 year old man and of Moroccan nationality suspected of killing a homeless man with a knife on the street of Leonardo Da Vinci of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat last Sunday night. The detainee has been located by a patrol that was circulating near the forge. The uniformed men have seen the alleged perpetrator of the murder from the car and have recognized him.

The investigated is also a homeless man, a detail that has prevented the investigators, who knew from the beginning who they were looking for, to have an address to go to look for him. However, this morning, 36 hours after the murder, the Mossos have been able to solve the crime.

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The victim died on Sunday night in a fight between the two, two homeless people who made a living collecting scrap metal and who got into an argument during which one of the two, the one now arrested, allegedly fatally stabbed the other in the chest. He later fled, but not before he was seen by several testimonies that provided a description to the agents of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the South Metropolitan Police Region who took charge of the investigations.

The victim died shortly after the stab wound. Despite the help she received from ambulances from the Medical Emergency System (SEM).

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