Arrested the author of the fatal stabbing of a young man in Pineda de Mar

  • The victim was injured during a massive fight that broke out in the center of the municipality around eight in the afternoon

The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested the alleged material author of the violent death of a young in Pineda de Mar (Maresme). The victim was fatally stabbed during a crowd fight that happened around eight o’clock this Thursday night in the center of the town.

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After the stabbing, several of the participants in the brawl fled, some on motorcycles, but others remained at the scene. The Local Police of this municipality in the province of Barcelona went first to the notices of eyewitness accounts and alerted the Mossos that there was a very serious injury: a young boy, a resident of Salt (Girona), who was stopped caridio-respiratory after being wounded with a knife in the chest. A few minutes later, his death was confirmed without the health services being able to remedy it.

Agents from the Criminal Investigation Area (AIC) of the northern Mossos metropolitan police region took charge of the case. This Friday afternoon, the investigators, after taking statements from some of the participants in the brawl, have located and arrested the man who allegedly fatally attacked the victim.

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