Arrested in Valencia for raping a minor under 14 after being on Instagram

a 21 year old was arrested last Friday afternoon in a Torrent metro station (Valencia) accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen-year-old girl just one hour earlier in a green area of ​​this same municipality. The victim was found in the Gorge of the Rabbit of the Vedat at 5.30 p.m. lying on the floor and semi-unconscious by a pedestrian. After being transferred to the outpatient clinic, the teenager said that she had met a boy, whom she had met on Instagram, and that he had raped her.

Agents of the Torrent Local Police They went to the two metro stations in the town as soon as they learned of the alleged rape of the minor to try to locate her alleged aggressor, since the girl remembered that the young man with whom she had been left did not have a car and had arrived in said transport to the municipality.

Thus, before he could leave the town, the police located in the station in the southern part of the city a young man whose description matched that of the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault, a boy with tattoos on his arms and platinum hair.

The suspicious, calmly, at first he denied any kind of relationship with what happened and even stated that he was there with his girlfriend, referring to another girl who was with him and two other young people at that station. However, after asking said young woman about her relationship with the suspect, she did not even know his name.

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The detainee was placed at the disposal of the National Police and UFAM agents from the police station have taken charge of the case. The phone of the arrested person has been tapped and will be analyzed to see the conversations he had with the minor, just fourteen years old. Being under 16 years of age, in the hypothetical case that it had been consensual sexual relations – a fact that the victim denies, since he clearly told him to stop when he began to touch him – what happened would also be a crime. The agents took biological samples that will also be analyzed.

The minor was transferred to a hospital, where she was explored by a forensic doctor and where she was admitted under observation due to the anxiety attack she suffered, aggravated by heart disease.

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