Arrested in Malaga for mistreating her 15-month-old baby on the street

A 21-year-old girl has been arrested in Malaga by the National Police for allegedly abusing her 15-month-old baby on the street and her romantic partner and father of the minor for witnessing the events and not preventing the alleged assault.

The Court of Instruction number 5 of Malaga has decreed the entry into prison of the woman, to which there is a record of crimes of the same nature – mistreatment of another daughter from a previous relationship – and provisional release for the father of the little girl, as sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) have informed Efe.

The head of the court, who was on guard duty, has also withdrawn the parental authority of the babyé, which remains in the hands of the Board, according to the sources.

The alleged aggression was committed last day 1 in the Carretera de Cádiz district, as reported by the ‘Diario Sur’ on Monday, which highlights that witnesses saw how the young woman, who was very nervous and aggressive, beat the baby in the street.

Child abuse protocol

National Police sources have confirmed to Efe the arrest of the two parents and how the witnesses told the agents that he violently threw the girl into the cart and hit her repeatedly hard on the belly with an open hand.

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According to the newspaper, the Local Police learned of the events and sent a patrol to check the condition of the little girl. The agents went to the couple’s home and found that everything was very dirty and there were remains of feces on the floor, on the wall and even on the railing of the crib.

The mother was arrested and the little girl was transferred to the Maternal Hospital where the pediatricians they detected several bruises and redness, in addition to lack of hygiene, For this reason, the established protocol was activated on suspicion of abuse and the case went to the Group of Minors (Grume) that put the couple in court.

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