Arrested in Elche after causing an accident, running away, lacking a license and testing positive for drugs

The Local Police of Elche has arrested a man who fled after colliding with another vehicle and also lacking a driving license. Around 3:30 p.m. on October 20, a Local Police team received the notice of a sinister vial occurred on Morera Street, in the Los Palmerales neighborhood.

According to the testimonies and evidence found, the escaped vehicle would have tried to pass a bus at high speed and without any visibility driving ahead, colliding with a third vehicle that was about to turn left. After this accident, the vehicle would have left the place without identifying itself. Once the necessary checks have been carried out, a GAO patrol (Operations Support Group) He approached the residence of the owner of the vehicle where the driver was located.

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When the alleged perpetrator acknowledged what had happened, the agents verified that I did not have a valid driving license and that he had a history of a crime against road safety. Similarly, it was considered appropriate to carry out the drug detection test, which yielded a positive result.

With all this, the Judicial Traffic Police team began the investigation of proceedings by the alleged criminal offenses detected, as well as the drafting of the pertinent report for a road accident.

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