Arrested for causing seven fires in one night in Barcelona

  • The perpetrator has been arrested while watching a cardboard box burn

The Urban Guard has arrested a 27-year-old man this Monday for provoking seven fires in one night in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu del Palomar, in Barcelona.

The events occurred when the agents were notified of a fire at number 586 of the Meridiana Avenue where was it burning a container, a motorcycle and a car. As a result of that fire, the goal of a building was also affected. Minutes later, they were alerted to more fires that the firemen were extinguishing.

Follow the fire path

The agents, aware that in this area there had been previously other fires on the public highway, they decided follow the fire route For try locate the alleged perpetrator material of the facts.

In the street of Concepció Arenal they observed a individual watching a cardboard box burn next to a container. When they approached, they noticed that the man gave off a strong smell of burning, his hands were stained with soot, a bag full of newspapers and cardboard, and a lighter.


Faced with these indications, the agents proceeded to arrest him for a alleged crime of damages.

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The detainee, who was on foot, allegedly caused seven fires in total. On this occasion, a motorcycle, which was completely burned, a vehicle, a paper container, two damaged building gates and several small containers for the selective collection of organic matter were affected.

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