Arrested a person involved in the murder of Aristóteles Sandoval

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported the arrest of José Manuel “S”, one of those involved in the murder of former Governor Aristóteles Sandoval by completing two arrest warrants against him.

“It was this Sunday afternoon when, as a result of an operation, two current arrest warrants were fulfilled for the crimes of qualified homicide and cover-up, said subject will be transferred to the state of Jalisco to be placed at the disposal of the Control Judge who took notice of the cause”.

The apprehension of the subject involved, added the Jalisco prosecutor’s office, was carried out in collaboration with the Mexico City prosecutor’s office.

Sentences for altering scene

The Jalisco prosecutor’s office added that as a result of the investigations, sentences have currently been obtained against people linked to the alteration of the scene of the murder of the former local president, which occurred in the early hours of December 18, 2020.

“Since this State Prosecutor’s Office became aware of the criminal news of the murder of the former state president, various investigative acts have been carried out that have allowed 13 convictions so far for the crime of cover-up against the same number of people who were convicted. He proved his participation in the alteration of the crime scene,” he said.

At the beginning of 2021, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported that after analyzing the case, it was found that security cameras were removed with the aim of hiding possible recordings that would account for the murder.

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