Around 250 franchises seek to reopen their doors in Puebla

Puebla, Pue. about 250 franchises that closed in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, will seek to reopen during this year and generate 400 direct jobs, depending on whether they access credits. The businesses are coffee shops, fast food restaurants, gyms, spas, among others.

Francisco Lobato Galindo, president of the Mexican Franchise Networksaid that the interested parties are waiting for the loans to be authorized, which would occur between this month of March and the beginning of April.

He considered that the conditions exist to return, especially to the area of ​​the Historical Center from Puebla and shopping malls with more activity, but they need money to get through the first six months of opening, while sales are taking place.

The leader said that another 150 franchises reopened during 2021 and generated around 230 jobs, so this year they are looking for more new jobs.

Lobato Galindo commented that they are aware of the difficult situation regarding contagion from Covid-19but the problem is not business, but social behavior, however, “we trust that this year will be the emergence of the sector that has been one of the most affected, because we depend a lot on tourism.”

He indicated that the owners, due to more intentions they had to return last year, could not do so due to lack of resources, added to the fact that it was not until October that the authorities authorized the total opening of activities.

In this context, Lobato Galindo commented that the panorama is favorable, but franchises with plans to return must do the correct planning.

He remembered that the pandemic brought serious consequences for the sector, including debts with suppliers and employees, when the first five-month confinement came.

However, he acknowledged that a return to sales levels could take place until 2023 and in this year he could move towards a firmer economic recovery.

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