Armed group detonates car bombs in Hidalgo to free inmates from Tula prison

An armed group assaulted a regional prison in the state of Hidalgo on Wednesday to free nine inmates, reported the Security Secretary state.

The attack was registered at dawn this Wednesday in the Tula prison and left at least two police officers injured, according to a press release from the institution.

A group of armed people broke into the compound aboard vehicles (…) during the incident the evasion of nine people who were in seclusion was recorded, “he explained.

At Tula prison people convicted mainly of common crimes are being held. According to media, among the nine escaped inmates there would be members of a gang dedicated to fuel theft, kidnapping and extortion.

This attack was carried out “to rescue the alleged founder of the criminal group Pueblos Unidos“said a police source who asked not to be identified.

During the attack, according to local media, the attackers they would have blown up at least one car in a sector of the city to distract the authorities and they would have used a heavy vehicle to demolish an access to the prison.

Several television networks broadcast images of a burning vehicle in the city.

After the assault, state and federal forces they deployed an operation in Tula, of about 30,000 inhabitants.

In January 2011, Tula was the scene of the explosion of a car bomb, in an attack that the authorities attributed to the Los Zetas drug cartel and that left a police officer dead.

Mexico has long been hit by a wave of violence linked to organized crime.

According to official figures, more than 300,000 murders have been registered since December 2006, when the federal government that was acting then launched a controversial anti-drug operation with the active participation of military forces.

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