Argimon rules out capacity and schedule restrictions despite the increase in covid cases

  • The holder of Salut admits that one of the options on the table is the expansion of the places of application of the covid passport

The ‘Minister’ of Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, has ruled out this Friday that they recover capacity and schedule restrictions, although an expansion of the use of covid certificate, at a time when he foresees that the coronavirus will continue to grow, although he expects the healthcare impact to be less than in the past. Catalonia has re-entered the area of ​​high risk for the outbreak of the epidemic, with an EPG – an index that measures the growth potential of the virus – above 100 points, something that had not happened since last September 6, ago more than two months, while the increase in people hospitalized for covid continues.

At a press conference in Collbató (Baix Llobregat), Argimon indicated that the virus is going to “grow quite a bit” in Catalonia in the coming days, as is happening in other European countries, but he trusts that the healthcare impact will be “the least possible” thanks to the fact that Spain has high vaccination rates compared to other countries on the continent.

The incidence doubles

“There will be an impact, because we have the incidence practically doubled in two weeks, so this will come, but we hope it will not have the intensity that it has had in other waves, it is what we want, “added the head of Health. The ‘minister’ has highlighted that there are already 26 more hospitalized for covid in the last six days, which may be the prelude to a start of promotions in the ICUs, but he has pointed out that we will have to wait for the next few days to confirm the trend.

In any case, Argimon has stressed that at the moment it is not on the Government’s table to take steps back in the de-escalation, at least in regard to capacity and schedules. “Right now we do not propose restrictive measures neither capacity nor schedules, this will not be the basic element, “said Argimon.

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The ‘minister’ has admitted that the delegate commission of the covid in Catalonia “has discussed and will discuss” about the possible extension of the covid certificate to more sectors – at the moment it is only required for nightlife and banquets with an indoor dance floor. To avoid infections, he has insisted on the need to wear a mask this fall and winter, a propitious time for the circulation of coronaviruses.

Catalonia is close to 75% of the population vaccinated against covid (74.5% specifically) and has already injected 312,416 third doses. In parallel, the vaccination teams have also administered more than 625,000 doses of the flu this season, explained Argimon.

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