Argentine inflation in January fell to 4%; food prices disappear

Argentina’s January inflation is expected to reach 4% monthly and by 2022 it will be the year of the most moving figures for the Convertibility Salad, three decades from now. This is what predicts the private consultants, in a relevant relevance by El Cronista.

The dynamics of Food and Health are preoccupying. According to the Eco Go medicine, the annual inflation projection is 3.8%, which for the case of foods rises to 5.2 per cent. Only in the third week of January, the committee comes 1.4 per cent.

María Castiglioni Cotter, Director of C&T Economic Assessors, estimates that in the first half of this year inflation will increase by as much as 4% and will increase to 4.5%, given the “high level of habitat” in the tourism sector (hotels, travel), gastronomy (restaurants), food and beverages, the Newly Covered Prices, and the increase in prepaid.

To date, in 2022, Castiglioni calculates that the final number will be between 53% and 55% in an agreement scenario with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and that the official dollar rate will be faster and will increase tariffs. My most pessimistic is Andrés Borenstein, an economist associated with Econviews. Its prognosis is that this year the inflation rate is 58 per cent.

This is a manejan figure in Equilibra, based on a scenario called “controlled inflation”, with a regulation regulated by the IMF. In exchange, in the default case, the prices can accelerate to 85% annually. “The floor for January is 3.5 per cent”.

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