Argentine government negotiates to freeze Christmas food prices

Inflation accumulates almost 42% in the year and the products for the end of the year parties arrived with increases of 65% according to private measurements. That is why, in parallel with the new baskets for 2022, a Christmas basket is already being negotiated and also special prices for some cuts of meat.

A survey by Free Consumers, led by Héctor Polino, detailed that the price of 24 selected products from the so-called “Christmas Basket” had an increase of 64.64% compared to 2020.

The measurement in supermarkets in the city of Buenos Aires showed that the assembled baskets offered by large supermarket chains have prices that register increases ranging from 33.36% to 80.08% in relation to the year 2020.

While the new price agreement for after January 7 is being negotiated with food, and after seeing the crossovers that the measure generated with food, and the inconveniences with wholesalers and retailers, he now speaks of “agreed prices”, which will include increments in the ruled values.

They affirm that it is not profitable for them to have this merchandise since the wholesalers, their suppliers, sell them at the value that appears in the official lists, which is the same at which they would then have to put them in their gondolas.

From the Secretary of Commerce directed by Roberto Feletti, they seek to close a Christmas basket that will include, among other products, sweet bread, puddings, nougat and cider.

One of the products that increased the most in the basket of free Consumers is the barbecue, which went from $ 430 to $ 810 per kilo (4.26 to 8.02 dollars) in one year, an increase of 88% in one year. For this reason, for the end of the year grills, the Government seeks to guarantee a basket of approximately six cuts of meat with affordable prices, including roast and vacuum.

The Ministry of Agriculture headed by Julián Domínguez aims for some 20,000 tons of meat to be released from December 15 to guarantee the supply and price of these cuts for the family reunions at the end of the year. The two measures are framed in the negotiations to generate agreements with food companies, producers and points of sale by 2022, both for packaged and fresh foods.

In its last measurement of the CBA, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses marked that 30,925 Argentine pesos (306 dollars) are needed for a typical family not to be considered indigent. The cost of the basket increased 3% in October and marked a year-on-year rise of 49.3%, while the Total Basic Basket (CBT), which measures the poverty line, increased 45% in twelve months.

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