Argentina to revive natural gas shipping to Chile

Argentina’s Energy Secretariat authorized oil companies to send new natural gas exports to Chile between January and April 2022.

With almost 11 million cubic meters per day (MMm3 / d) of shipments abroad, the summer season (which covers the seven months from October to April) will close for Argentina with a trade balance of 200 million dollars thanks to the exports enabled by the Gas Plan.

The portfolio led by Darío Martínez gave the go-ahead to six production companies (YPF, Total Energies, PAE, Vista, Pampa Energía and Tecpetrol) to export a peak of 4.23 MMm3 / d in the second half of March to different generators Martínez explained that the six million cubic meters per day previously approved for exports represent sales of over 138 million dollars.

“Thanks to the Gas.Ar Plan, this new batch of export authorizations in firm condition will imply additional sales for more than 68 million dollars, which will total some 206 million dollars for this summer cycle, resources that were not generated decades ago” , Held.

The authorizations were granted after analyzing that the transport capacity from the Neuquina basin, where the Vaca Muerta formation is located, is saturated.

That is why this gas cannot be used by internal demand (mainly thermal power plants that have to produce electricity in the summer), but the option is to deliver the fluid to Chile through the Pacific Gas Pipeline and Gas Andes, which they cross the Cordillera.

Meanwhile, in the face of possible gas shortages in summer due to the high use of thermoelectric plants, the Government will import liquid fuels.

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