Areas of Caracas and some states of Venezuela suffer blackout

Sectors of Caracas and at least 15 states of Venezuela they ran out of electrical service early this Friday, when the authorities attributed the blackout to a “new attack” on the national electricity system, according to reports and social networks.

The vice president of Public Works and Services and Minister of Electric Energy, Néstor Reverol, said in a brief message on official television that “we have received a new attack on the national electricity system, specifically in El Guri “, the reservoir in the south of the country and on which a large part of Venezuela’s electricity generation depends.

The official did not give details about what happened.

The executive vice president, Delcy RodriguezHe wrote on his Twitter account that the employees of the state electricity company “are working hard to recover this vital service.”


At 3 in the morning several areas of the country were without power and after 5 in the morning states of the center and west of the country such as Carabobo, Aragua, Lara and Yaracuy were without the service, according to Reuters witnesses, while in the capital of the country, Caracas, the supply normalized in some sectors in the early morning.

Venezuela plunged into an electricity crisis in late 2009 after years of divestment and mismanagement in the sector, according to critics and analysts.

In 2019, the country suffered three national blackouts, some lasting up to three days, and which the authorities also attributed to attacks on the system, such as burning and cutting off power lines, by “saboteurs” and opponents of the president’s government. Nicolas Maduro.

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