Are you satisfied with your job? Half of the workers in Mexico are not

Due to factors such as salary, growth opportunities, work-life balance, and trust in the company, only the 53% of workers in Mexico Are you satisfied with your current job, according to the Job Confidence Index from PageGroup.

“The opinion we have of the employees is that today there are more people who are open to a new opportunity. But there is also a large percentage that has job security40% are sure that there will be no movement or any liquidation”, said Jorge Guerrero, director at Michael Page, in an interview.

Generally speaking, the level of worker satisfaction in Mexico it is on a par with Colombia and slightly above Brazil, Chile and Argentina, economies that also make up the Index. Peru is the best qualified country with 58% of those surveyed who say they are satisfied with their employment.

The results of our country in the analysis are explained by the fact that 5 out of 10 employees are satisfied with their current salary. Only 23% say they are dissatisfied with their remuneration and the rest have a neutral position.

However, in the opinion of the workers themselves, our country has areas of opportunity in other areas such as professional development and growthwhich have become more relevant in recent years among the package of elements that people value most when they accept an offer.

As for his promotion opportunities in a company, only 30% of the workforce in our country is satisfied. But dissatisfaction reaches 4 out of 10 respondents. Although the proportion is relatively high, Brazil, Chile and Argentina are the countries with the most complaints about the lack of professional development and upward mobility within their organization.

“An issue that plays an important role is that of internal development, but we are no longer just talking about a promotion, but about training in certain areas, constant learning through e-learning. People are constantly looking to learn new things,” said Jorge Guerrero.

In this sense, the specialist considered that development opportunities will be essential for the talent retention and it is a bet that organizations can no longer ignore, it is a pillar of the satisfaction of people in companies. “You can be in the same position, but if you have a training in which you see gradual growth on a personal and professional level, you can stay. But if you don’t see this growth, even if they change your position, you’re going to move”.

The challenge of work-life balance

Reconciliation between work and personal life is another aspect in which Mexico has a pending to improve the level of satisfaction of its workforce. Along with Brazil, our country leads in levels of dissatisfaction due to the lack of balance between both worlds.

This perception of the workers explains why 38% of those surveyed are willing to look for new opportunities that guarantee a better work-life balance, with which Mexico is located only below Colombia (41%) with the highest level of people considering mobility to find a balance between work and personal.

“People feel like they work longer hours and spend more time at work than in personal life. These are interesting data to understand the Mexican culture and above all, what companies can do to change this”, pointed out Jorge Guerrero.

Seeking work-life balance It is the third motivator among workers in Mexico to assess new job offers, only below the development of skills and salary improvement, which also indicates a margin for improvement in this subject.

Jorge Guerrero pointed out that knowing the worker satisfaction It is an important aspect for companies because it helps in decision-making and in detecting what needs to be strengthened within organizations.

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