Are drugs missing from pharmacies? Manufacturers deny it

The president of the employers’ association of the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Spain (Pharmaindustry), Juan López-Belmonte, has ruled out that the sector is suffering supply problems as a result of the crisis generated by the pandemic of the covid, as it is happening in other economic activities, like that of the car. Despite this, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) details on its website the drugs with supply problems. Check them out at this link.

“Till the date we are not aware of any serious supply problems. Historically, there have always been problems related to the issue of pricing, but related to the pandemic we have no information that we are suffering from a lack of supplies similar to other sectors. There is no problem similar to other sectors such as motor racing or paint, which occurred during the summer months, “he defended during his speech at the Pharmaceutical Industry & Media Seminar.

In any case, and related to vaccines against covid such as Moderna, has pointed out that there is a certain “bottleneck” in some of the products used because they are distributed in plastics or filters that come from Southeast Asia, where there is a certain traffic jam in the arrival of raw materials.

The industry, tensionada

López-Belmonte stressed that the pandemic “has put great stress” on the pharmaceutical industry, both in its ability to produce and distribute drugs. “We have complied with a very good note. In very close collaboration with the Administration and the rest of the sector’s agents, medicines were not lacking in the most critical moments of the pandemic,” he claimed.

Dependence on other countries

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At the European level, however, he has argued that during the pandemic “in many medicines there have been really serious problems to ensure supply“One of the causes, in his opinion, is that” perhaps there is an excessive dependence for supply with certain countries or geographical areas that do not have the same gaming realities as European countries. “

“For this reason, in Farmaindustria we consider that the adequate framework could be generated to recover part of this production of essential or strategic medicines. It has been verified that there is a serious problem. We have two main objectives: to give more strategic security to our health system and reinforce our productive fabric, with the derivatives of job creation and export that would go hand in hand, “he explained.

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