Are all your friends in quarantine? Plan to do it alone

The Government eliminates the restrictions, so, except to go to a club, you can finally do everything again. In theory, of course, because there are so many covid-positives in your small group that the only plan on your horizon is to stay embedded on the couch Jabba the Hutt. While you wait for the double line to stop appearing on your tests, do not stay home. sign up activities to do yourself in Barcelona.

Pubs with board games

entertainment in style

Here, when they shout “a loner!” They not only talk about you, they also talk about the card game. Welcome to board game bars, places where your beer does not come with a tapa, but with a pack of cards. The bar Burned Level Q (Independence, 323) or The garage (Costa i Cuxart, 31) is one of the best known, though not the only one. With a collection of hundreds of board games, they have options for everyone, even those of you who come alone. If your friends cancel your beer, you no longer have an excuse not to leave the house.

If analog is not your thing and you prefer digital entertainment, the NÜA (Gran de Gràcia, 167) is a restaurant that will fascinate Elon Musk. Is the ‘first smart restaurant’ in Europe“here” the tables are like a giant iPad, with ‘apps’ of all kinds: from the restaurant menu and the daily press to dozens of games for after-dinner dining, “explains Víctor, the person in charge. A perfect place to come alone. While you wait for the food, you can challenge another table for a game, and take advantage of the fact that they are all connected. Entertainment and on top of that with social distance.

rogue planes

Bring out your Bridget Jones

All your friends say the same thing: “Happy my mate when I confined myself, otherwise I would have gone crazy.” And you, the bachelor of the group, in your eternal role as Bridget Jones, can only smile awkwardly. Are you one of those who uploaded a photo of their cat on International Sunday? Or one of those that includes a packet of feed when buying for two? Or one of those who uses the hat marker the most? cat what friends? Well, as Hollywood teaches us, as soon as loneliness knocks on the door, those who answer are the gatos.

Therefore, nothing like cat plan when they cancel a meeting by omicron. Take the following coffee surrounded by meow like pipe music in the Cat space (Terol, 29) or the Gatuari (St. Louis, 14), two cat cafes where, if you do not spit fur balls, you are not the protagonist. They also function as animal education and adoption center. For example, they do courses so owners can understand their pets. That way, if your cat ‘Memory’ meows to you in the middle of the night, you’ll know she does not want her stomach scratched, she’s having a midlife crisis.

read in the sun

Bookstores and Banks

There is always the option to combat loneliness like the monastic monks: with reading. Stop by some of Barcelona’s historic bookstores, such as Game (Freneria, 12), Palau (Sant Pere Més Alt, 6), Fabre (Aribau, 84) o Castro (Josep Estivill, 40-42), among many others. Or, if you prefer more modern, there are those who hit it off on Instagram: Golf Books, the Gràcia classic (Gran de Gràcia, 217) who opened a branch in the city center last year (Pau Claris, 94), Byron (Casanova, 32) die The Raval Central (Elizabeth, 6), which also has a terrace where you can have a coffee while making your purchase debut.

Obviously, the best complement to an afternoon of book love ‘shopping’ is the back bench or patch of grass where you can lie down and read while the sun warms you. If you have not yet opened it, the new Parc de les Glòries, christened as die Clariana de las Glòries, has a ‘chill’ area full of hammocks, perfect for the occasion. Or the more typical option: Montjuïc (such as the Plaza de Carlos Ibáñez), or the Hill of the Putxet, the one of the Peira or the one of the Creueta del Coll, to do so with views of the city. The options where to do photosynthesis with a book are endless.

observation of the cosmos

Be the star of the night

What do you feel alone? Well, lose yourself in the greatness of the night sky in a astronomical observatory. As the ‘meme’ says: the universe does not care about your problems. So, perhaps, seeing that you are smaller than your atoms for the large macrocosm, you are relativizing the downfall of the omicron. And, if not, then you can at least relax for a while and watch the space, which is already more than Jennifer Lawrence’s character can say in ‘do not look up‘.

In Barcelona you have night visits to the Fabra Sterrewag, organized by Fever, which includes a guided tour, air observation and a glass of cava for less than 15 euros. Or the suburban option, the Sierra de Castelltallat Observatory, in the Bages. In addition, you can sleep in one of the hotels in the mountains and enjoy its clear sky, which will allow you to see the stars without the need for a telescope.

Go to movie alone

Popular ‘ticker’

Look at the billboard, buy the tickets, grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie. Yes, you alone. That your friends are all restricted? Nothing Happens: According to TikTok, It is becoming more and more fashionable to go to the cinema without company. A trend that gives you independence and a long and so on that leads to the improvement of your mental health. You no longer have to say no to a plan just because you can not get your +1.

Of course, Barcelona is full of cinemas: from the biggest to the most indie chains that only show the original version. But outside of the ‘mainstream’ billboard, you have cinemas like the Movie Library (Plaza de Salvador Seguí, 1), with its thematic cycles, or the Phenomena (Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168), who, as the name suggests, his 4k films are a unique cinematographic experience.

Relax a bit

Unique massages

Dodging covid like bullets in ‘The Matrix’ is exhausting. So, to relax a bit, get a massage. But not just any one, but one of those unique in Barcelona. It’s time to treat yourself, the English term used so often in networks just before indulging in a good treat.

To begin with, the massages with avocado or coconut of Balmes welfare (València, 238), which benefits from the multiple nutrients in fruits to care for the skin while relieving stress. Or, in the same vein, chocolate massage of Cream (Commandant Benitez, 35), whose sweet ingredients serve to stimulate circulation. Finally, the AquaBliss Fish Spa (Comtal, 33), where you will end up screwing up: specifically in a small pool. They are the main promoters of the ‘fish spa’ in the city, those massages where fish tickle your feet and devour your dead skin with the same thrust as in the movie ‘Piranha’.

snack balls

have a round day

To have a round day, a plan without numbers (albeit with a big hole): snack in a grocery store oil dumplings. Is the sweet fashion, a classic that always comes back, rediscovers itself and that it was impossible for a year not to cross paths in your friends’ stories. The coolest place is La do (Parliament, 20) who, with more than 16,000 followers, conquered Instagram thanks to his letter, which a different experience every time you are going to change with almost daily frequency. OR Lukumás, whose offices in Raval (Valldonzella, 36) and Gràcia (Torrent de l’Olla, 169) bring together modern Barcelona during lunch. And, as a bonus track, the Boldú bun men (with a dozen outlets throughout the city), who will surely sweeten your afternoon as well.

Looking for a partner

Flanking without ‘applications’

And when all else fails, fight loneliness by searching for a mate. Of course, there is always the option of Tinder, but in order not to waste time between ‘swipes’ and breakaway conversations, there is an explicit alternative: the speed dating. “In just an hour and a half, you meet an average of 12 people in 7 minute speed dating», Explains Jordi, of BeBlindend, a company that organizes the most massive speed dating in Barcelona. They are arranged every weekend at Market Bar (Mallorca 202), “a large space that allows you to maintain a safe distance,” he says.

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One last recommendation. If you arrive at the end of the night and your appointments have noticed less chemistry than in an organic food store, go for brunch at Lilo Coffee (Diputació, 443). Here you will not feel alone or sit alone: ​​there are giant teddy bears that you can embrace without going to a pharmacy afterwards for an antigen test.

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