Ardines died after being hit hard on the head and strangled

The forensic doctors have assured that the councilor of IU de Llanes (Asturias) Javier Ardines died of shock caused by intracranial hemorrhage after being hit hard on the head with a blunt object and then strangled.

The forensics who went to the parish of Belmonte de Pría (Llanes) to lift the body have declared this Tuesday at the Hearing of Oviedo in the popular jury trial against Pedro NA, as an alleged inducer; Maamar K. and Djilali B, as alleged hitmen; and Jesús M., designated as an intermediary.

The autopsy made it possible to fix the death of Ardines, who did not occur on the spot, at 6:30 a.m. on August 16, 2018, the forensics have ratified, who added that “from a medical point of view” it is not possible to specify how many people were involved in the attack. In addition, they have clarified that although they do not know if the person or persons who attacked him could know if he was alive once they fled the place, at least they should be aware that they had caused him “great harm”.

Coroners believe Ardines may have been attacked from behind when he was standing by a right-handed aggressor, who would have dealt him an intense blow with an object “with a significant mass” and without edges. The mayor, while still alive, was then asphyxiated by the strangulation action known as ‘elbow dam’. Ardines presented defense injuries on his right forearm, which could indicate that he tried to defend himself.

In their statement they have also corroborated that the victim’s clothing and limbs showed a pungent smell and an oily color orange, which could correspond to the pepper spray cans used, according to investigators, in the ambush of the mayor.

The accusations, which call for a individual penalty of 25 years in prison For each of the accused, they maintain that Pedro NA, a personal friend of the mayor, hatched the plan to end Ardines’ life after discovering, in December 2017, that his wife and the councilor had a secret relationship.

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According to both the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution, it was in July 2018 when Pedro NA, a resident of Amorebieta (Vizcaya), made the decision to execute his plan knowing that his wife would spend the summer in a family home near Ardines’ , and for this he contacted Jesús M. to find him people who could act as hitmen in exchange for money.

After studying the routine movements of the councilor, the two accused as hitmen, Djilali B. and Maamar K., reportedly traveled to Belmonte de Pría to carry out the crime and, after a first failed attempt at dawn on August 1, both They tried a second time two weeks later. According to the accusations, in the early morning of August 16 the hitmen put up some construction fences to prevent the passage of Javier Ardines’ vehicle and when he got out to remove them, both attacked him, first with a pepper spray and then hit him on the head. with a stick or a baseball bat and they strangled him to death.

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