Aragonès ties the budgets with the ‘comuns’ before the resignation of Junts

  • The postconvergents revolt against the agreement without endangering their presence in the Government

The ‘president’ Pere Aragonès He saved this Monday ‘in extremis’ the toughest test in these six months of presidency of the Generalitat. As he himself was in charge of making clear, he personally closed a pact with the ‘comuns’ that, after the veto of the CUP, will allow Catalonia to have the first budgets, those of 2022, approved on time since 2010. As expected, on all behind the words of Jordi Sànchez On Sunday, Junts revolted against the pact of the ‘president’ to overcome the first budget process, but the post-convergent anger, again and three, did not translate into any punitive measure for the head of the Government, it was limited to demanding a meeting . The abstention of the ‘comuns’ (8 seats) made the ‘no’s’ of ERC and Junts (65) to the amendments to the whole outnumber the ‘yes’ of PSC, Vox, CUP, Cs and PP (62) .

The alliance, mimetic to that of 2020, allows Aragonès to look more calmly into the future. Among other reasons, because the anti-capitalist veto may lead to the disappearance of the question of trust that was agreed for 2023.

‘It can suppose’ because, in the same speech in which the merit of the pact was awarded, he extended his hand to the CUP to preserve that majority of 52%. A hand that was collected, later, in the Parliament, by Eulàlia Reguant. But the scenario varies. The entente, as suggested by the Republican and the anti-capitalist will stick to the issues of the ‘procés’. In the management of the ‘meanwhile’ or ‘day to day’, the CUP passes to the opposition.


And Junts? Jordi Sànchez, set the bar very high, in terms of rejection of the alliance with the ‘comuns’. The secretary general of the Ministry of Economy did attend the first two contacts with En Comú Podem (and the ‘conseller’ Jaume Giró even called Jéssica Albiach to make a pact and drank coffee with Juan Carles Gallego Thursday). But, then, the post-convergents planted them and the government representatives of ERC in the third, decisive, meeting on Sunday, claiming that a “trading card exchange & rdquor; with the budgets of the Generalitat and the city of Barcelona, ​​as this newspaper advanced. So it has been.

With the pact in his pocket, but without publicly taking it for granted, Aragonès gathered his Executiu first thing in the morning. And as it already happened, in September, with the veto of the ‘president’ to the alignment of Junts at the top of the dialogue table and with his commitment, last Wednesday, to the ‘commons’ as plan b to the detriment of the PSC, the postconvergents did not fight in the encounter and fell back. According to Republican sources, “they assumed & rdquor; the Aragonès-‘comuns’ agreement. According to the post-convergents, the party’s ‘consellers’ did express their disapproval because it threw out the pro-independence majority.

The CUP demands a pro-independence “horizon” to continue negotiating the accounts and support their final approval

They did show their disapproval of the ‘president’ after the conclave. The deputy and councilor in Barcelona, Elsa Artadi, blamed Aragonès for the lack of agreement with the CUP and demanded a meeting “at the highest level & rdquor; to review the government pact. At the moment, ERC has not received any formal request. For his part, Giró aligned himself with Aragonès, and said “celebrate a lot & rdquor; the agreement because Catalonia cannot “extend the 2020 accounts & rdquor ;, although later regretted not having the coupers.

Another dissatisfaction with the pact was the mayor of ERC in Barcelona, Ernest Maragall, that he had to retrace the steps taken on Thursday (he voted against the processing of Ada Colau’s budgets) and confirmed, visibly hurt and angry, that he would facilitate the accounts. Artadi tried to annul him as a candidate for mayor, affirming that “he has buried his credibility, he has renounced being the opposition and being a credible candidate” and seeking, for his joy, to champion institutional anti-Colauismo alone.

Canadell calls Aragonès “autonomous” and he leaves the chamber annoyed

After Giró denied the validity of the ‘sociovergència’ (for the ‘conseller’, he “jumped into the air” with the procés’), the deputy of Junts Joan Canadell, for his part, he warned from the lectern of an alleged “autonomist turn” by ERC and the ‘president’. For him, “the wide road is not a unity of independentists: it is autonomy and the prelude to a new tripartite.” Aragonès, visibly upset Before the words of the post-convergent, he left the hemicycle, along with other ‘consellers’ of Republicans.

Future battles

The PSC he stayed with his hand, a thousand times outstretched, in the air. He maintained, wounded, the amendment to the totality and also his disbelief at the little will of Aragonès to achieve budgets that could have been the most supported in recent Catalan history.

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Together conjures time for fight battle on partial amendments that will be discussed until the final vote scheduled for December 23. The post-convergence is not willing for the purple ones to alter Giró’s accounts, despite the pact with ERC. But the CUP can enter the equation again, which, once the amendment that the Government overcame with the ‘commons’ has been processed, does not rule out continuing to negotiate to scratch more concessions. In fact, the latest offer from the Generalitat to the anti-capitalists is traced to the document sealed with En Comú Podem. It will be necessary to review, before, in which place is the investiture pact and if ERC continues to give it validity.

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