Aragonès reminds Junts that the command of the ‘procés’ falls to the ‘president’

  • Batet reiterates the need for a “collegiate management” and the ‘president’ calls for “strengthening Catalan institutions”

  • PSC, Cs and PP make the Republican ugly by his absence from the Conference of Presidents on Friday

Since Junts left the presidency of the Generalitat, the request for a single independentist strategic command has been recurring. And this week, with a hangover from the Bilateral Commission, which in the opinion of the secessionist forces gave some ridiculous fruits (“It was a joke”, defined the parliamentary leader of Junts, Albert Batett) the demand was exposed again in the Parlament. In front of her, Pere Aragones, perhaps sibylline, he reminded Junts that Catalonia’s strength has always been “strengthening its institutions”. It goes without saying that, above all, the Generalitat and its Government. And who presides over it? If together you intend dilute presidential power As for the leadership of the ‘procés’, and perhaps tilting it towards other latitudes, ERC defends it as belly up cat

“The Bilateral Commission was a real deception for all Catalans, whether they are pro-independence or not. Where the greatest milestone has been the transfer of the Turo de l’Home observatory, which has not been in operation for years and, moreover, is already was transferred 12 years ago,” Batet developed before concluding that “there is no dialogue table,” he said changing the forum, “if there is no vocation to solve the conflict. We are not in a process of negotiation, but of denial.” In the face of all this, and remembering the near miss of the labor reform, saved by the error of a PP deputy, which Batet claimed “a collegiate strategic direction”.

The ‘president’ reused part of his speech addressed to Dolors Sabater, who also spoke about the uselessness of the Bilateral Commission and who made it ugly for him to go to the opening dinner of the Mobile World Congress, where he will share space with Felipe VI. Thus, Aragonès reiterated that the commission, yes, had given “insufficient results” and that, in no case should it be called “historic”, as the Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, described it.

affected reaction

Now, perhaps as an indication of a certain post-convergence affectation in the reaction to the results of the Bilateral Commission, both this Wednesday and on Friday itself, after the meeting, by Jordi Puigneró, Aragonès recalled that “the The whole of the Government knew of the scope of this commission“, but that, no matter how small the revenues were, “it was necessary to defend the interests of the citizens of Catalonia”.

Of course, Aragonès defined himself as committed to the pro-independence “unity of action” and that is when he called for the strengthening of Catalan institutions and that for this he “counted on Junts”.

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PP, Cs and PSC agreed, for their part, to make Aragonès ugly his announced absence from the Conference of Presidents next Friday in La Palma (Canary Islands). The ‘president’ insisted on the uselessness of the forum. “There is no prior negotiation, the agenda is limited to ‘assessments’, which means talking for five minutes and out.” when too Salvador Island struck on the same flank, when he asked him how the interests of Catalonia are defended by not attending a meeting, Aragonès replied that demanding compliance with the Statutea regional Charter “where the Conference of Presidents and the Bilateral Commission are not mentioned, not even in the Constitution”

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