Aragonès orders that the Generalitat appear in a case against CDC linked to 3%

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragones, has ordered the Generalitat to exercise the accusation in the ‘Triacom case’ of alleged illegal financing of the CDC, according to the documentation to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access. This investigation is a separate piece of the ‘case 3%’, which investigates the alleged payment of commissions by businessmen to the extinct party. The legal sources consulted by this newspaper expressed their surprise at the Government’s decision, especially when it is made up of ERC and Junts, and some of whose leaders belonged to Convergència.

The petition has been sent by the lawyer of the Generalitat to the judge of the National High Court Santiago Pedrazwhich is in charge of the investigation in which the audiovisual production company is involved Triacomdirected by the defendant Oriol Carbo. The suspicion is that through this company contributions from different companies were channeled to CDC, or that they were used to pay for services of said party. In the document sent to the magistrate, the request to appear “in the capacity of private prosecution” in the case that “has as its object the investigation related to the alleged irregular financing” of Convergència, through Triacom.

The letter authorizing the appearance

In this sense, a document signed by Aragonès and addressed to the director of his legal office is attached, Francesc Esteve Balague, in which he authorizes the appearance of the Generalitat’s legal profession “in representation and defense” of the Catalan institution. In the letter, the ‘president’ specifies that he has had “knowledge through different articles” published in the media of the ‘Triacom case’ and that, in his opinion, “the investigation would include facts that would affect the interests and the legal sphere” of the Catalan Administration.

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If it is “accredited”, he details, this action could be described as fraud against public administrations, embezzlement, influence peddling or bribery, resulting in “harmed” the Generalitat and the Catalan Corporation of Media Audiovisuals (CCMA), on which TV3 depends. One of the lines of investigation is based on the payments made by Catalan television to the production company that produced, among others, the program ‘El Gran Dictat’. In total, 31.3 million euros between 2008 and 2016. After receiving the letter, the judge has sought the opinion of the prosecutor on whether or not it is mandatory for the Generalitat to exercise the accusation.

In this judicial process, according to the magistrate, “a singularity within the pattern of habitual behavior” followed for the illegal financing of CDC is investigated. But, instead of making donations to its CatDem and Fòrum Barcelona foundations, they resorted to Triacom Audiovisual and, in particular, your representative, Oriol Carbo, who was also manager of TV3. This is how Joan Manuel Parra was paid the debt that the party contracted with his company, Hispart, for the 2010 election campaign. It was 750,000 euros that Triacom paid for the benefit of the CDC through fake bills. Parra provided a recording of his conversation with the former CDC manager Germa Gordo in which he implicated the latter in the operation. Payments from other companies to Triacom are also being investigated.

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