Compared to the previous month, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rose three points in average approval last April, reaching 62%; disapproval of him fell by the same proportion and stood at 37 percent.

According to the measurement on presidential approval AMLO Tracking Poll, carried out by Mitofsky for El Economista, the Tabasco registered the highest increase in average approval between March and April (17.7%) in the segment of those who have an informal job and the greatest decrease in retirees (-2.3%)

Regarding the “economic situation” of the country, 38.2% of those interviewed considered that it is “worse” than before, 31.4% that it is “better”, 25.2% that it is “the same”.

Methodological Note: Survey applied to 45,680 Mexicans over 18 years of age with smart mobile devices with Internet access.

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