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After Spotify Wrapped, here is Dating Wrapped. Designed by an engineer based in Montreal, this online tool allows singles to look back on a year of first kisses and failed dates – with supporting data.

Notice to statistics buffs: the following is for you. Why stop at tracking your sleep cycles or your sports performance when it is now possible to analyze your love life in colorful graphs?

This is what Dating Wrapped offers, an online tool designed by Niko Draca, a Montreal engineer, which is all the rage on social networks.

Like Spotify Wrapped, Dating Wrapped offers an annual review to users of dating apps, like Hinge Or Tinder.

For example: how many suitors have you exchanged with in the last year? What words came up most often in your conversations? And your favorite emoticons? The red heart? The Peach ?

“Dating apps often have a bad reputation. I think it’s fun to be able to laugh at your experiences,” explains Niko Draca, creator of the tool, in an interview.

The idea came to him from a friend who used the application Hinge, explains the engineer from Ottawa. At the time, he had just created a similar tool, called Netflix Wrapped. “My friend told me it would be fun to do the same thing with Hinge », says Niko Draca.


Niko Draca

A few hours and a sleepless night later, and presto!, the first version of the site was online. Operation is relatively simple. Dating Wrapped asks the user to download their data from Tinder or Hinge. Most applications have a privacy policy which stipulates that they must be able to provide all the data they store on their users, specifies the engineer.

To the average person, these megafiles may seem uninteresting. For a software engineer? They are a gold mine.

“I simply take these thousands of lines of data and make them easy to read,” summarizes Niko Draca.

A fun experience

When it came to suitors, Lauren Cola didn’t think she was that difficult. But the data doesn’t lie. In the last year, the young woman has liked less than 10% – 9.2% to be exact – of the profiles suggested by the dating application Hinge. And of the number, she spoke with 70 of them.

“I am perhaps a little too demanding in my criteria! », she exclaims, laughing.

In recent weeks, several young women like her have nevertheless taken the initiative to share their results on the social network TikTok.

“As I am an avid user of Hinge, I said to myself that it would be interesting to do a retrospective,” explains the American content creator in an interview. And if you want to know everything, some results surprised her, like the fact that she sent most of her messages in the middle of the night…

“It’s a fun way to analyze data and it takes away some of the seriousness of online dating,” emphasizes the 25-year-old young woman.

Interest young people

Although the first version of Dating Wrapped was designed two years ago, its creator had somewhat forgotten the project over time.

He only recently became interested again, when a friend sent him a video that went viral of a young woman sharing her results.

Faced with the renewed interest, the engineer decided to improve the site, in addition to adding features. So far, more than 80,000 people have used it.

“I want to show people, especially younger people, who are thinking about studying software engineering that it doesn’t have to be boring. We can make an application that is interesting,” concludes Niko Draca.

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