Apple’s Often Rumored VR Headsets Could Have a 3,000dpi Micro OLED Display

Apple’s virtual reality / augmented reality headsets are rumored to include a high-resolution micro OLED display with 3,000 pixels per inch (ppi), according to the South Korean publication. The Elec.

If true, this would mean that the headset features one of the highest screen resolutions in a VR headset yet. Previous rumors have hinted that Apple is working on two head-mounted devices, including a pair of Apple augmented reality glasses that look like normal glasses and feature built-in AR notifications and a more traditional VR / AR headset.

The Elec’s The report says Apple has requested a sample from APS Holdings, a South Korean company that uses a process called Fine Metal Mask (FMM) to create next-generation OLED displays. Apple has reportedly ordered a sample of APS ‘laser pattern FMM display that features a 3,000 dpi display.

“The pixel sizes in the OLED panels used in smartphones and televisions range from 40 microns to 300 microns. Those on the MicroOLED panel range from 4 microns to 20 microns. MicroOLED also has a response time of microseconds and is a likely candidate to be used for virtual and augmented reality (AR) applications, ”the Elec report reads.

An earlier report from Information He indicated that Apple’s virtual reality glasses will feature two 8K screens and will be priced at approximately $ 3,000 USD (approximately $ 3,799 CAD).

Although leaks regarding the possible release date of VR headsets are a bit all over the place, we probably won’t see the rumored devices until at least 2022.

Source: The Elec Via: MacRumors

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