Apple’s net revenue grew by 64% in 2021

the technology giant appeal, recorded a 64.9% increase in its net income in 2021, reaching $ 94.680 million, while its revenue improved by 33.3% to $ 365.817 million.

The world’s most valuable public company, saw a 39% increase in its net sales for the iPhone, while sales of its computers, Mac, grew by 23% last year.

In turn, the sale of electronic tablets, iPad, increased by 25%, while the rest of the products such as cables, headphones, among others, increased by 25 percent.

In addition, its net sales in services recorded 27% growth, according to its 2021 data compared to the previous year.

Net sales in the Chinese market were the ones that recovered the most, as they grew by 23.8% in their data recorded for 2021 compared to 2020 and totaled $ 68.366 million.

Japan was the second market with the biggest impact in this area, which increased 32.98% and added $ 28.482 million, while the European continent was placed in third place with 89.307 million, an increase of 30.11 percent.

In turn, in the US, Apple’s net sales were $ 153.306 million, reflecting an annual growth of 23.08%.

The company operating on the Nasdaq It has a capitalization value of $ 2.61 billion and after the closing of the stock market, around 17:00 Mexico City time, its shares rose by 5.21 percent.

With the close of operations this Thursday, however, their titles were placed at $ 159.22 each, reflecting a 0.29% drop.

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