Antinuclear stupidity, by Joaquim Coll

The Economist Carlo Maria Cipolla He left us a classic of satirical literature entitled ‘The fundamental laws of human stupidity’, A must-read in these times of so much uncertainty. develop five Principles, but I am going to focus only on the second one, which says: “the probability that a person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic”. Namely, stupidity is equally distributed between countries, whether rich or poor, and between social classes, regardless of studies, socioeconomic position, professional activity, or political ideology. I will give an example, a person can be from a rich country, like Germany, have completed a university degree, enjoy a good job, call themselves an environmentalist and on the left, and be profoundly stupid if it ends up uncritically resigning itself to the reopening of coal-fired power plants to make up for the lack of gas and its brutal rise in prices. The smart thing would be to review the old postulates against nuclear energy as they have recently done the finnish greens if we take ourselves seriously the fight against climate change while we want to be able to turn on the light at a reasonable price.

Because, let’s say it clearly, what Germany has done is profoundly stupid. Under the command of Angela Merkel decided to dispense with a clean energy in emissions, very efficient and safe as nuclear, to become dependent on the supply of gas from Russia. There is a famous scene from 2010, which you will find on social networks, starring Vladimir Putin in which he was already laughing in public at German stupidity. He concluded his ironic comment by warning the Germans that they would end up burning wood, but that they would have to go to Siberia to get it. The old anti-nuclear culture has led them to close nuclear power plants, first in exchange for burning gas and Now to have to open coal plants. What madness! It is better that in Spain the left-wing government cancels the plan to close the nuclear power plants that provide us with more than 20% of the energy if we do not want to add to the list of stupid countries.

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