Anticorruption already identifies almost 50 Russians linked to corruption cases in Spain

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has already identified at least 47 citizens of Russian nationality linked to cases of corruption and organized crime in Spain, according to the information to which this newspaper has had access. To these people, many of whom are not charged today in the Spanish courts, we must add a dozen legal entities that would have been used in the alleged crimes committed. The forecasts of the State Attorney General’s Office indicate that the total number of implicated of this nationality in the different courts and prosecutors could exceed one hundredaccording to this wording.

Among the names with which the prosecution works are Gennadios Petrovhis wife, Elena Viktorovna Petrovand his son, Antonnow the highest chief of the clan that was dismantled in Spain with the troika operationwhich carried out Anti-Corruption in 2008.

The investigations identified the direct connection that Petrov had with the power circles of Vladimir Putin, specifically with the former head of the investigation committee of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office Aleksandr I. Bastrikin, who after being investigated in Spain (for what appears on the tax list) was sanctioned by the United States administration. Washington ordered a freeze on his property and assets for his alleged involvement in the murder of Sergey Magnitsky, a lawyer who investigated corruption in Russia and who died in 2009 after spending 358 days in prison without trial. linked to the troika operation was investigated to Alexander Malyshev, who according to police investigations managed to launder nearly one million euros per month in Spain. Also to Olga Solovyeraconsidered one of the main lieutenants, along with Malysehv, of Petrov.

a russian general

the russian general Viktor Kanaikine He was charged with money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization by the then investigating judge of the National High Court, Eloy Velasco, who considered him the “main person in charge” of the Russian mafia plot dismantled in the Clotilde operationincluded in the investigation against the network based in Lloret de Mar. Kanaikine’s right-hand man was, according to the judicial investigation, Sergey Nalimov, whose name also appears on the list. According to information published by the daily The world, this Russian businessman was defended by a lawyer from the Ilocad office, whose largest shareholder is former judge Baltasar Garzón. This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to know the version of the former magistrate on this hiring.

It is also Mikhail Fridmannone of the owners of the Dia supermarket through society LetterOne, which has recently been sanctioned by the European Union (EU). He is another one of the Russian citizens who are on the list. The inclusion of him is due to the fact that he is being investigated in the National High Court in the zed case for his alleged participation in the deprivation of assets of this technology company.

is also Ilias Ilyich Traberknown as The Antiquarian and considered one of the chiefs of the clan of the Tambovskaya. in 2016 He even threatened the anti-mafia prosecutor José Grinda, who together with Juan José Rosa investigates organized crime from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Operation Wasp

Another is the Georgian capo of Russian origin Zakhar Kalashovwho ended up sentenced to seven years in prison in Spain in 2010 as part of the wasp operation. He was extradited to Russia, although he had also claimed Georgia, a country that after the Russian occupation renounced handing him over.

The general of the Main Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry also appears on the list Nikolai Nikolaevich Aulov and the former high-ranking prosecutor Igor Sobolevskyboth related to the Vladimir Putin regime and who were investigated in Spain, although they are no longer charged, when the proceedings were referred to the Russian justice system.

alexey shirokov He was arrested in 2020 in Benidorm (Alicante) within the Testudo operation, for his links with the Russian mafia, whose number three had been arrested in Marbella in 2018 when he was planning the murder of the leader of a rival clan.

Puigdemont’s environment

Vassily Khristoforov played a key role in the attempt by Carles Puigdemont’s entourage to gain the support of Armenia, as this masthead advanced. He is among the people to whom the Government allegedly went to try to approach the Kremlin.

Viktor Gavrilenkov and Sergey Kuzminewhose search and capture was ordered by the then judge of the National High Court José de la Mata in 2016 for his links with the organizations ‘Tambovskaya‘ and ‘Malyshevskaya‘, have also been indicated by the public ministry. Michael Danilov acted as a link between Russian criminals and the organization based in Spain. He is considered close to the brother of Merab Dzhangveladze, the highest authority of the Kutaiskaya clan. The latter is not included in the list.

Botyr Rakhimov escaped from Spanish justice in 2010, when the Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra carried out the java operation against Georgian and Russian mafias. Before fleeing, Rakhimov frequented the company of some of the Barça footballers, according to sources from that investigation.

Two Russian clans

In the troika operation was also investigated Leonid Khristoforov and Ildar Musfatin for his relationship with the Russian mafia. Nikolay Mitiurev was arrested in December 2020 along with Maxim Khakimov for the alleged money laundering of its clients through a complicated network of companies. Both are related to the clans Kutaiskaya and Podolskaya of the Russian mafia.

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Other names that appear are those of Nadezha Zhizhina; Oleg Shirokov; Arkady Novilov, Sergey Serebriakov; Yulia Alekseeva; Anton Pinsky; Maxim Lalakin, Anton Zingarevich; Sergey Sinitchkin; Alexander Ruslanovich Grinberg; Sergey Gavrilyuk; Roman Prokopenkov; Sergey Evgenevich Dozhdev; German Pashtushenko; Alexey Riskin; Oleg Kouznetsov; Oleg Shishkanov; Konstantin Ivanov; Vladimir Dzreev and Ion Andreev. They complete the list Vage Engibaryan; Sergey Gorbuntsov; Vladimir Naumovich Turovetskyi; and Yuri Sidorov.

When legal persons are LetterOne Holdings and the Temafon Group. The latter is a Russian company linked to the zed case in which the tycoon Fridman is accused. The rest of the firms are MIPR Limited; Tematika Ltd; QICF Ltd; Stalmento Holding Ltd; VimpelCom, (now it’s called Veon Ltd); Bambalia; Gelvaser and Alpha Group.

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