Anti-vaccine lawyer expelled from Quebec Bar

A Lac-Mégantic lawyer who is openly opposed to the vaccine and health measures against COVID-19 is expelled from the Quebec Bar after refusing to submit to a medical examination.

Gloriane Blais announced the news on her account Twitter Thursday evening. “The Board of Directors of the Barreau du Québec has just struck me off (removes my title of lawyer), given my refusal to submit to their psychiatric examination order,” she wrote.

She said Friday morning that she wants to appeal the decision to the Tribunal des professions.

“I will explain the reasons for my decision eventually. Also possibly, I will present to you the arguments which support my appeal”, added Blais in his publication on Twitter.

The Barreau du Québec confirmed in an email sent to the QMI Agency that the lawyer is “subject to radiation” under section 51 of the “Professional Code”. This article specifies that the Board of Directors may expel a person, limit or suspend his right to practice if he refuses to submit to a medical examination.

The decision was thus made “given that she refused to submit to a medical examination”, mentioned in the email Martine Meilleur, public relations advisor for the Barreau du Québec.

However, no details have been given by the Bar as to the deregistration process or the exact reasons for this choice.

Member of the Bar for more than 20 years, Blais has been the subject of several controversies since the start of the pandemic for sharing anti-vaccine messages on social media.

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