Anti-vaccine activists: Quebec is considering a special law to ban demonstrations near schools and hospitals

The Legault government is considering a special law to ban demonstrations by anti-vaccine activists near schools and hospitals, has learned The newspaper.

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Incidents involving protesters opposed to health measures in school zones and near health establishments are on the increase. A situation that forces the authorities to move quickly.

A special law is in the works, according to our information. “This is one of the preferred options,” a government source told us. This is the preferred scenario and we do not want to delay ”.

Quebec could thus delimit a perimeter around schools and hospitals where demonstrations would be banned, without however hampering the right to demonstrate elsewhere.

Last week, ministers Geneviève Guilbault and Jean-François Roberge asked the police to exercise increased vigilance near schools.

Several experts believe that the government must go further and adopt a law similar to the one that protects abortion clinics against pro-life activists.

More details to come …

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