Anti-vaccine activists: heightened police vigilance near schools

Police will be keeping a closer watch on anti-vaccine activists who venture into the vicinity of schools.

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The Legault government deplores the increase in incidents involving demonstrators opposed to health measures in school zones. The police will watch over the grain.

Minister Jean-François Roberge on Thursday asked his colleague from Public Security that “increased vigilance” be carried out near schools.

“So if there is someone who suspects anything, if the parents are worried, if the staff members are worried, they can call the police force who will intervene quickly. We must protect our children! ”Insisted the Minister of Education on Friday, on the sidelines of the last day of the CAQ presessional caucus used to prepare for the start of the parliamentary term.

Bullying children, as some anti-vaccine activists do, is “unacceptable”, Judge Roberge.

We don’t close a class for a case

The Minister also expressed satisfaction that Dr Horacio Arruda recalled the new rules in force in the Education network when a case of COVID-19 is detected. In the last few days there has been confusion in some areas.

“We are happy because all our schools in Quebec are open, that’s what we want to keep our schools open. There may be closed classes, but it must be in the event of an outbreak, we do not close a class for a case, ”he added.

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